Quick Takes: Financial security takes on a new twist

Eureces part of Recordscenter package

Recordscenter has become the first document management application service provider to use Eureces's encryption technology. That technology encrypts data utilizing millions of dynamically generated encryption keys, which are stored separately from the data. Because there are no identifiable links between the data elements and the encryption keys, it is difficult for unauthorized users, whether they are external hackers or internal network administrators, to view the data. Recordscenter is the leading provider of outsourced, Internet-based services that enable the electronic creation, exchange and management of transaction documents for corporate, legal and merger and acquisition activity.


In compliance with the law

Privacyright's new TrustFilter claims it can bring financial institutions into compliance with a federal law that requires such institutions to inform customers of privacy policies. TrustFilter is a bundle of products and services that can be coupled with professional services to help enterprises work across siloed databases to integrate necessary customer data.


Verizon and Vector join forces to secure home networks

Home builders will be able to offer homeowners state-of-the-art home networking and security products through an alliance by Verizon Connected Solutions and Vector Security. The new system will support DSL, satellite TV, in-home computer networks and other home systems. The alliance allows builders to buy the security systems at the same time they buy and install Verizon Ready, a standard package in many new homes. Verizon Ready allows for faster Internet access and networking computers so that data files, fax lines, modems and printers can be shared.



Sun joins security lab initiative

Sun Microsystems has joined the BITS Financial Services Security Lab to develop criteria to secure e-commerce. The lab allows providers to combine technologies to improve e-commerce privacy and security issues. BITS was created in 1996 to foster the growth and development of secure electronic commerce in an open environment for the benefit of financial institutions and their customers.



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