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Quick Takes: E-business gets faster, safer simultaneously

IBM ups speed limit e-business security

A new IBM algorithm allows for parallel execution of encryption and authentication, a process that will eventually speed up e-business security. The algorithm takes advantage of parallel processing capabilities that most hardware offers. With more people connected by more mobile devices, rapid security delivery becomes a paramount issue. IBM says its expects the new algorithm to be widely used for securing Internet protocols, storage area network protocols, fiber optic networks and several e-business applications. IBM has also proposed to the National Institute of Standards (NIST) that the algorithm be used as a standard way of securing communications.

Telemedicine group puts Biodata to work

Telemedicine technology provider Advanced Acoustical Concept will provide Biodata Information Technology encryption products to its medical industry clients. The move ensures those in the industry are up to date with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that requires patient information be protected. Biodata's BabylonMETA will be integrated into AAC products. BabylonMETA secures multipoint audio and video conferencing. It encrypts voice, data, fax and video conferencing and is based on DES3 encryption standard.

Secure those satellite offices

Corporate satellite businesses requiring a full VPN/firewall solution can turn to Nokia's new, compact IP110 security platform. The platform comes with three standard 10/100 Ethernet ports and supports IP routing protocols and remote management capabilities. The platform offers remote officers and users the same security corporate offices use.

Kyberpass paves way to trust

Kyberpass' Validation TrustPlatform enables Certificate Authorities to validate customers' PKI-based digital certificates in real time. Cas will have the ability to enable or disable e-business customers without compromising security measures. Kyberpass is currently in beta and will be available in January. Licensing fee is $49,000US.

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