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Quick Takes: Devices keep an eye on system perimeters

Viruses check in, but they don't check out with StormWatch

Beta testing of Okena's StormWatch has begun. Labeled "intrinsic security" software by the company, StormWatch proactively protects a system with an intelligent agent from the inside-out. It allows viruses, Trojans and worms to exist in a network, but they are rendered impotent by the software. Security managers are also able to configure StormWatch so that it provides different levels of security, managing file and network security on desktops and servers. Any behavior not conforming with the manager's configuration is blocked. Government and commercial Web sites are currently trying out StormWatch, which is planned to launch Q1 2001.

NetIQ gives you two for the price of one

NetIQ's Security Manager gives a system two types of protection: intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment; the first product of its kind, according to NetIQ. E-business administrators create the perimeters as an early-warning system parameter to be measured by Security Manager. The perimeters are known as Active Threat Management. The feature takes immediate, automated action to respond to security violations. Security Manager is available at $50 per Windows NT 4.0 workstation and Windows 2000 Professional; $900 per Windows NT 4.0 Server and Windows 2000 Server; and $1,500 per Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

A welcome audit from QualysGuard

Qualys has released its latest security application, QualysGuard. QualysGuard is an Internet-based application that scans a system from the outside in, looking for vulnerabilities and assessing the risk. In turn, in provides graphic warnings to administrators. QualysMap and QualysScan accompany QualysGuard. QualysMap graphically maps all network elements "seen" from the Internet -- gateways, routers, operating systems, intranets and devices � while QualysScan performs minimally invasive scans for security vulnerabilities. It uses 30 percent of available bandwith while scanning a network and provides real-time updates.

Qwest VPN rollouts on the way

According to Computer Reseller News, telecommunications company Qwest will release a Windows 2000 Virtual Private Network and a network-based VPN in January. The Win2K VPN supports Microsoft's Active Directory, allowing for network management of security policies. It also adapts to network servers and desktops not predefined on the VPN. The network VPN sits on the border, according to Qwest and permits access from ATM, Frame Relay, DSL, dial-ups and private lines.

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