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Quick Takes: Security Superman couldn't break

Encryptonite gets an upgrade

SecureMedia has released version 4.0 of its Encryptonite system. The system's encryption engineering has been enhanced, the San Francisco, Calif. company says, to adaped indexed encryption to other encryption algorithms like Rijndal, DES/3DES and RC4. Encryptonite supports high data rate applications like streaming media. Streamed data is uniquely encrypted while maintaining execution speed. Encryptonite also supports DVD playback.

Fingerprint authentication from Kingston

Kingston Technology has released a new line of fingerprint authentication devices called IdentiGuard. The product replaces password management and is available for laptop and desktop use. IdentiGuard translates unique fingerprint characteristics to a digital form that links to user passwords. The complexity of the password is limitless, SecureMedia says. Kingston is pricing IdentiGuard at $199.

Logistics settles on AssureAccess

Application security software and services provider, Entegrity Solutions, has partnered with, offering its AssureAccess software as the access management solution for Logistics' Digital Transportation Marketplace. The Logistics product provides access to air, land and sea transportation services and improves the efficiency of a company's planning and management system. AssureAccess allows for a single log-on to all Digital Transportation Marketplace applications while maintaining security policies across the board. AssureAccess is scalable, meeting a company's growth needs. AssureAccess accelerates the deployment and expansion of e- business applications and services by making it easier for businesses to control application access within and between enterprises.

Merilus brings RSA into its product line

Merilus Technologies' Gateway Guardian line of software and its FireCard PCI firewall will be supported by RSA Security technology. RSA will lend secure socket layer and cryptography solutions to the Merilus products, keeping them safe from hackers or intruders.

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