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Quick Takes: Type-casting security

Mytec lets fingers do the talking

Mytec Technologies has acquired Biometric Identification (BII), a provider of advanced biometric authentication solutions. The new company will be called Bioscrypt Inc. Both companies are leaders in fingerprint pattern recognition technology and between them, own 15 biometric solutions patents. The acquisition allows Mytec to branch out from its current concentration of securing wired and wireless applications such as enterprise systems, PDAs and mobile telephones. BII is a leader in fingerprint algorithm licensing and embedded solutions.

Net Nanny ships biometric logon tool

Net Nanny Software has released a security tool called BioPassword LogOn that authenticates a user based on their keystroke dynamics, according to Net Nanny. The product, for Windows NT, is a client-server product. A user's keystroke dynamics are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that measures and characterizes the pressure, speed and rhythm individuals use in typing in their user names and passwords. Net Nanny hopes to market the product to customers in the finances, manufacturing, medical, banking, legal, insurance and government markets. No fundamental changes to the logon process are necessary.

Keon garners significant certification

RSA Security's RSA Keon Certificate Server 5.5 has been certified by Check Point Software Technologies Open Platform for Security Alliance (OPSEC). OPSEC certification guarantees Keon is interoperable with Check Point's Secure Virtual Network and a number of other security components. RSA Keon Certificate Server is designed to provide certificate enrollment and revocation features for use with Check Point's VPN-1 and FireWall-1 products. Using RSA Keon digital certificates, Check Point's FireWall-1/SecuRemote software can be configured to authenticate clients in a secure virtual private network (VPN) environment.

InsynQ, McAfee partner on managed security

Internet utility application service provider InsynQ has joined anti-virus software vendor McAfee's Managed Service Provider program to provide managed anti-virus protection to its employees and Internet utility customers. InsynQ connects remote offices, telecommuters, suppliers and contractors to their clients via an Internet-based network. McAfee's managed anti-virus solutions, called GroupShield, provide InsynQ with customizable updates, configurations and graphical reporting for a comprehensive view of savings generated from the virus protection policy. GroupShield protects InsynQ's Internet e-mail transactions, detects virus-infected files transmitted to and from servers, while scanning for viruses that may already exist in other server locations.

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