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Quick Takes: VigilEnt security from PentaSafe

Be VigilEnt about security

PentaSafe Security Technologies has released VigilEnt Security Agent to eliminate Novell NetWare system vulnerabilities. In addition to NetWare, VigilEnt secures Windows NT, Unix and AS/400 servers, databases and applications from a central console. Security administrators are able to audit, report, review and manage security in the NetWare environment. PentaSafe ActiveAudit technology allows for immediate corrective actions to be taken across multiple sites. Intrusion detection is also part of the package as is baselining, saving a digital signature to detect file changes; and log scrubbing, search capability of log files to monitor for errors that could signal unauthorized activity.

GTA takes to open waters with Cyber-Ark

UK-based security consulting firm, Global Technology Associates, will resell Cyber-Ark's PrivateArk solution, allowing the Boston-based company to establish an overseas presence. GTA is an Internet and network security leader, assessing security needs and providing solutions. The partnership exposes PrivateArk to GTA's 1,000-plus clients, including top financial, health, education and public institutions. PrivateArk touts its Visual Security feature where information is stored in a virtual vault. Users can determine which vaults they have access to and managers get real-time records of who has accessed what within a particular vault.

Flexible PKI from Trustpoint

Mobile e-business security provider Certicom has released its Trustpoint PKI suite of products. Trustpoint allows organizations to build wireless certificate capabilities for personal digital assistants, mobile phones and pagers. Trustpoint's flexibility makes it interoperable with existing legacy PKI infrastructures. Trustpoint is a complement to Certicom's MobileTrust Certificate Authority. Trustpoint integrates into any existing wired or wireless environment.

Lotus Notes, Domino beefs up virus outbreak management

McAfee GroupShield has been made available for Lotus Domino platforms, the first management solution for Lotus. GroupShield Domino 5.0 provides virus protection, monitors e-mail activity, including the subject line, message, and attachment names, for virus outbreaks and filters content for signatures of virus activity. GroupShield extends to IBM AIX servers also. The product allows for real-time, on-demand scanning for viruses and malicious code, including Lotus scripts and "button bombs." GroupShield can be configured to operate remotely on multiple servers. It logs all its activity and delivers reports and analysis to managers.

Digipass pick of the litter

Vasco's Digipass 700 security product has received the "Pick of 2000" recognition from SC Magazine in the pub's annua Buyers' Bible for 2001. Digipass 700 is a hand-held platformthat delivers digital signature security for online financial transactions. Vasco secures 150 banks worldwide.

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