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Quick Takes: Retina thinks like a hacker

Scanner thinks like a hacker

A new version of Retina, a network security scanner from eEye Digital Security, has been released. Retina secures Windows NT machines with its artificial intelligence capabilities that allow the product the think like a hacker. Retina explores a system looking for known and unknown vulnerabilities. Hundreds of new vulnerability checks and a re-write of the scanning engine are featured in the upgrade. Retina also touts its "fix-it" technology allows for automatic correction of system security issues.

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Securing mobile Internet with Lucent, Certicom

Lucent mobile Internet offerings will by e-business security provider, Certicom. Certicom will provide user authentication and security to the broadband and mobile Internet solution provider enabling secure transactions between mobile devices and the Internet. Elliptic Curve Cryptography from Certicom eliminates the security limitations of mobile devices. ECC delivers PKI security to devices like smart cards, mobile phones and handheld computers. Under the agreement, Lucent will offer Certicom's WTLS Plus for WAP implementations; Security Builder crypto toolkit; Trustpoint PKI products; and MobileTrust managed certificate service securing Lucent's MiLife Mobile ISP solution.

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Let loose the PitBull

Argus Systems has released a version of its PitBull intrusion prevention technology for Linux Thursday at LinuxWorld in New York. PitBull LX is available on Red Hat Linux 6.2. The product protects Web-facing servers from malicious attacks intent on manipulating data, Web pages, stealing information or money, launch denial-of-service attacks and otherwise tamper with system and data resources. "Now that the market has access to PitBull's enterprise-level security in Linux's cross-platform open source environment we expect to see a wide-scale re-thinking of traditional security approaches," said Randy Sandone, president and CEO of Argus Systems Group, Inc. "PitBull LX is fundamentally different from traditional approaches, and even from standard operating system level security."

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CA brings health care in line with standards

Computer Associates announces its eTrust solutions will be used to bring health care organizations in compliance with new data protection regulations under the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Health care organizations in noncompliance face legal action. HIPAA aims to protect patient information. ETrust provides access control with single sign-on capabilities; administrative compliance with HIPAA regulations by simplifying user and resource administration, audits and backup solutions; electronic defense against unauthorized access to data transmitted over a network. Some eTrust features include biometrics and digital certificates.

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