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Quick Takes: AppScan release secures Web applications

Sanctum releases AppScan 2.0

Sanctum Inc. has released an upgrade to its AppScan application-level security solution, version 2.0. AppScan 2.0 automates application auditing and prevents Web application hacking. It scans applications from a hacker's perspective, detects application vulnerabilities, known and unknown, and recommends fixes, including the latest available patches. Sanctum's software works autonomously and continuously to monitor how individuals interact with Web applications. By detecting and defending against any unauthorized behavior, Sanctum prevents Web application perversion, even if a site has unknown security holes or flaws. Sanctum's customers include industry leaders in banking, retailing, finance, government and healthcare.

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Brightmail solution to rescue

Compulinx Information Exchange will use Brightmail Solution Suite to ward off spam and other e-mail threats for its 60,000 e-mail subscribers. The suite includes Brightmail Anti-Spam Solution and Brightmail Anti-Virus Solution. Brightmail works on the server side and is designed for high volume messaging systems. Its two solutions stop spam and viruses before they reach the desktop or wireless device through the creation of a "mailwall."

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Secure remote Windows connectons from F-Secure

Long a provider of Unix security software, F-Secure has released a new version of its SSH Server for Windows. Version 5.0, F-Secure said, is the first secure remote access solution for Windows servers. The product provides multiplatform secure access for surfing, e-mail, downloads and other applications. SSH 5.0 secures connections and authorization for users from any device. It also secures terminal connections, tunneling for all e=mail and Web access and secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) for downloading and uploading files.

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Bugs aplenty discovered over the holidays

Iventeurelab has released Site Sentinel, a suite of software products that automate the detection of online privacy threats known as Web bugs. These bugs are tracking devices that collect data about e-business users and online consumers, according to iventurelab. Site Sentinel has run one scan covering 50 million Web pages and identified 16 million pages with one or more active bugs. Iventurelab specializes in moving technology initiatives from conception to market in three to six months.

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