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Quick Takes: Tivoli upgrades authorization software

Tivoli bumps up its authorization software

Tivoli Systems recently unveiled an upgrade to its Tivoli SecureWay Policy Director, authorization software that enables companies to control application and data access. The enhancements include: addition of the ability to integrate with more e-business initiatives including support for Java 2 Enterprise Edition and wireless devices. Customers will have a cross-domain, single sign-on, an entitlements service application programming interface and delegated administration, support for Lotus Domino user registry.

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Espiria clients benefit from Netsec partnership

Managed information security services provider, Netsec, and security program developer Espiria, announce a partnership that will offer incorporate Netsec's network monitoring, information and intelligence analysis services with Espiria's program. Espiria clients, using a single Web browser interface, will be able to control policy, monitor bandwidth usage and review security architecture reports. Espiria focuses exclusively on information security and offers strategic business planning and security consulting, technology implementation and managed services. Netsec provides its clients with proactive management of intrusion detection systems, firewalls and virtual private networks.

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Baltimore claims to have worm weapon

Baltimore Technologies claims its Mimesweeper software blocks all new worms generated by the VBS Worm Generator V.2, the online virus creation tool used to write the recent Anna Kournikova virus. Mimesweeper allows administrators to adjust the file blocker scenario to detect and delete ".jpg.vbs" files. Mimesweeper also has the ability to download the updated Script.ini from its Threatlab to combat the worms. Mimesweeper protects a network from Internet and internal e-mail and Web content security threats through what Baltimore calls a high level of threat analysis at the front door of a network. Websweeper 4.0 from Baltimore addresses back door network issues.

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Oracle helps implement privacy policies

Oracle Customer Loyalty solution gives companies a hand in preparing their consumer privacy policies and strengthen customer relationships. The solution takes consumer data from several sources and merges them for accuracy then creates a single identity for each customer. The single identity allows companies to honor consumer marketing preferences and reduce the cost of complying with these policies.

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