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Quick Takes: Intrusion detection takes new direction

Sun, SecureWorks to market IDS

SecureWorks has formed a partnership with Sun Microsystems to co-market its iSensor intrusion detection system. ISensor is a Linux-based system that monitors network traffic and responds to threats. Sun ISP partners will offer managed IDS services, through SecureWorks, to their customers. In turn, the Sun Cobalt RaQ server platform will include the iSensor technology. "An ISP, for example, can provide additional security to its own networks or can generate recurring revenue from its customer base with managed IDS services," said Stephen DeWitt, vice president and general manager of the Sun Cobalt Server Appliance Division.

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Smart cards will have SCM look

Motorola's Streamaster 5000 set-top box will use SCM's Smart Transporter Chip as its smart card reader interface. Streamaster 5000 supports digital TV, Web browsing, e-mail, online games, video recording and video and music on demand. The chip, based on SCM's SmartOS, will secure smart card-based transactions for pay-per-view movies and t-commerce purchases. SCM's Smart Transporter Chip enables easy integration of support for all smart cards, including ISO 7816 compliant smart cards. The Smart Transporter Chip's architecture is based on open standards and is upgradeable to support new smart card protocols and functions. SCM is a solution provider enabling secure exchanges like e-commerce to broadband content delivery and access to PCs, digital cameras and digital television set-top boxes.

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Partnership joins VPN services, IDS

Virtual private network provider, OpenReach, has teamed with intrustion detection systems provider SecureWorks, targeting business communications. Combining OpenReach's turnkey VPN and SecureWorks monitoring and response services enable businesses to connect office locations, remote workers and partners in a VPN environment while monitoring each location for attacks. OpenReach and SecureWorks' solutions are Linux-based. SecureWorks services include 24x7 monitoring and automatic and manual responses to threats, a packet filtering firewall, IDS and automatic updates of its iSensor IDS product.

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ROI is king

Vigilinx unveils new assessment tool

Vigilinx has released Vigilinx Business Security Assessment, a methodology that automatically evaluates a business' IT security measures, also taking into account processes and people. VBSA's assessment allows companies to prioritize its security recommendations. VBSA evaluates risk in nine categories and assesses a company's information technologies, user applications, hosting systems, networks, and administration and monitoring procedures. Associated with each risk is a recommendation, and associated with each recommendation is a cost to implement it. VBSA provides security managers with a score sheet that allows companies to see their strengths and weaknesses in each risk area.

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