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Quick Takes: Evidian eases PKI implementation

Evidian clears muddy PKI implementation waters

E-business management software vendor, Evidian, has unveiled PKI Manager, a solution the company said will ease implementation and management of public key infrastructure environments. PKI Manager will be included in the company's AccessMaster enterprise and Internet security management software, version 6.0. PKI Manager, according to Evidian, allows enterprise users to centrally manage certificates consistent with their security policies. PKI Manager also manages public and private keys for individuals and groups of users. Aimed at large enterprises desiring a secure, trusted e-business environment for transactions, e-mail and other intranet and extranet users, PKI Managers features include a Registration Authority that automates the generation, storage and policy-based control of keys; and E-Security Wallet, that handles certificate management.

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Argus teams with Sanctum and Protegrity

Intrusion prevention systems solution provider Argus Systems announced a partnership with Web application security provider, Sanctum, Inc., and Protegrity Inc., a database privacy solution provider. The partnership will offer joint customers an e-business and data and back-end security solution. The partnership will package Argus' PitBull, an intrusion-detection system, Sanctum's AppShield, a solution that defends against application-level attacks and Protegrity's Secure.Data, a database encryption technology.

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Cyber-Ark expands into e-mail security

Cyber-Ark Software announced it will introduce three software options that protect e-mail: E-mail protection, Tunneling and Storage as part of Cyber-Ark's flagship product, PrivateArk Network Vault. The vault's new e-mail options deliver encryption on the desktop and an encrypted direct path for e-mails to travel between organizations. The options also make data packets undetectable to sniffers and provide users with secure access to their e-mail from anywhere in the world without ever accessing the internal network. The E-mail Protection option secures messages from end-to-end by creating a unique encryption key for each message then stores it within PrivateArk. A list of the recipients is also encrypted and then digitally signed by the unique key. The E-mail Tunneling option is a secure, virus-free path between networks. The tunneling agent acts as the SMTP server and the PrivateArk client and places the message in PrivateArk and a similar agent retrieves it and delivers it to the recipient. The E-mail Storage agent provides secure access to the corporate inbox without network access. Users may store e-mail in a private or shared vault within PrivateArk.

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E-learning provider chooses Securant product

Online education solutions provider, DigitalThink, has selected ClearTrust SecureControl to manage user access to its services, including courses, collaboration tools and reporting systems. SecureControl enables DigitalThink administrators to control access to applications and courseware on its site based on the user's role. DigitalThink provides customized E-Learning solutions for large enterprises, including a hosted infrastructure for delivering and managing courses, integrating online tutor support, registering users and tracking course completion.

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