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Quick Takes: National security tool comes to enterprise

Government risk analysis tool goes commercial

Harris Corp., has partnered with Mitre Corp., to include Mitre's Analysis of Networked Systems Security Risks algorithms as part of Harris' Stat Analyzer 2.0. Mitre, a not-for-profit engineering firm that does work for the U.S. government in areas of national security, has re-engineered its algorithms for use in Stat Analyzer. Those algorithms were central to Mitre's national security efforts, the company said. The technology will be used within Harris' FuzzyFusion data correlation technology. Stat Analyzer 2.0 will use the algorithms to simulate attacks on information systems and networks. Stat Analyzer automates network security through FuzzyFusion and a suite of vulnerability and risk assessment tools that analyze networks. FuzzyFusion correlates information to develop a system-wide assessment of a network's security.

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MPEG streams have a new security ally

IP broadband security provider, SecureMedia, has unveiled its new security system designed to protect broadcast-quality MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 media streams delivered to digital set-top boxes over IP networks. The system is based on SecureMedia's Encryptonite encryption engine and Indexed Encryption technology. It secures MPEG streams for video-on-demand applications, simplifies key management and reduces bandwidth requirements. The Indexed Encryption technology encrypts each MPEG video frame with a different key. The system is also able to derive packet encryption keys in the client decoder without having to transmit thousands of packet keys per stream to the decoder. In addition, it supports DVD-style "trick play" for the end user (i.e., fast forward, seek, rewind). Encryptonite encrypts only the MPEG data payload, leaving the control data in the clear so that on-demand, rich media can be safely stored across distributed networks and can either be streamed or downloaded to consumers.

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ISS releases new version of System Scanner

Internet Security Systems has released the latest version of its host-based security assessment and policy enforcement solution, System Scanner, version 4.2. System Scanner gives users what ISS calls and inside-out view of their system's security. The solution identifies security risks like server system weaknesses and user policy violations. Users are able to proactively protect their systems from intrusions using this solution, ISS said. System Scanner measures, manages and enforces security policies through a host-to-network view of systems and servers. Security baselines for users, groups, shares, services and files are simply created, according to ISS. System Scanner now provides a Web browser-based operation option for users requiring distributed operational management access to the System Scanner console. Other features include a customizable security policy; active alerts and frequent updates giving customers the latest patches and fixes against vulnerabilities and threats.

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Network Associates a winner in London

Network Associates won two of four Readers Trust awards at the 2001 Secure Computing Awards in London this week. Network Associates won the Readers Trust Award for best antivirus product and for best encryption product. The awards are handed out based on input from readers who select solutions they trust to secure corporate networks.

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