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Quick Takes: Solagent secures data on lost laptops

LoJack for lost laptops

Solagent has release Solagent Secure, a remote data protection technology that protects and manages data on mobile devices, even if they have been lost or stolen. The product's communication protocol allows users to remotely encrypt data and to determine whether data has been tampered with on a laptop or personal digital assistant without alerting the thief. Until now, Solagent said, existing technology has only been able to locate a stolen laptop or PDA based on login information, but data was left exposed. One insurance survey said that more than 300,000 laptops were stolen in North America in 1999 and an FBI study said that 57% of computer crime is linked to stolen laptops. Solagent Secure is an automated communications protocol that consists of a host system, an associated database and a small client agent capable of working on multiple operating systems. The ACP enables automated, secure instructions to be issued to the computer from anywhere. Solagent Secure is priced at $29.95 for one year, $49.95 for two.

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PeakFlow fights off DoS attacks

Arbor Networks of Waltham, Mass., has announced Peakflow DoS, a service designed to detect, trace and filter denial of service (DoS) attacks against large enterprises and service providers. The company introduced Peakflow at the N+I show in Las Vegas, and said it is available immediately. Arbor said the key benefit to the service is that it is non-intrusive, sitting on the edge of the network to monitor traffic for DoS attacks without effecting network performance. It matches irregular network traffic patterns with known DoS profiles. The technology is based on research conducted at the University of Michigan. Prices start at $5,000 and are based on network size and complexity.

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RSA extends authentication to Palm

RSA Security has updated its SecureID software for Palm handheld devices. RSA SecurID for Palm OS enables all Palm devices to function as SecurID authenticators, eliminating the need for multiple hardware tokens. Among the new features are enhanced application security, administration and deployment. RSA SecurID software now supports the storage of up to 10 different unique token symmetric keys on a single Palm Powered device, reducing the need for customers to carry multiple RSA SecurID tokens to access different applications. RSA Security also offers support for the latest Palm Powered devices, including Handspring products, the Kyocera smart phone, and the Palm? Vx handheld.

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Identix rolls out biometric fingerprint reader

Identix has released its plug-and-play BioTouch USB fingerprint reader securing access to computers and networks. The BioTouch USB device integrates Identix's DFR(TM)-300 fingerprint reader to produce a small form factor easily used with either desktop or portable computers. Used with Identix's BioLogon software, the Identix BioTouch USB reader enables a user or IT manager to replace passwords with the touch of a finger. The Identix BioLogon software suite provides a range of functionality, including: stand-alone and network logon, remote network user authentication logon, and multi-factor security. A USB cable connection manages power and data from a single port using a thin, unobtrusive six-pair cable, which facilitates fast, easy installation of the fingerprint biometric device.

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Run silent, run deep

Internet Security Systems will integrate Raytheon's network security visualization and analysis system, Silent Runner, into its security solutions software suite, Raytheon announced this week. ISS will resell and support SilentRunner worldwide. Customers will use the product to manage online fraud and misuse of corporate digital assets. SilentRunner's monitoring capability allows for quick administrative response, Raytheon said. Customers will be able to use SilentRunner to analyze network traffic and alert logs from ISS' SafeSuite security management and information protection software products.

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