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Quick Takes: RSA throws down crypto challenge

RSA offers crypto factoring challenge

RSA Security has announced its latest RSA Factoring Challenge contest, offering a $200,000 prize to anyone who can crack the code for a 2,048-bit key and $10,000 for a 576-bit key by determining the two prime numbers used to generate a "challenge" number. RSA has used its Factoring Challenges over the last 10 years to collect factoring results from worldwide contributors. RSA public key cryptosystems users can also use the findings to determine the appropriate key lengths necessary to maintain organizational security, RSA said. "The RSA Factoring Challenge has historically proven to be an excellent venue for researchers from all over the world to offer valuable and insightful contributions to the security industry's current body of knowledge," said Burt Kaliski, chief scientist at RSA Laboratories. "The cash prizes offered are intended as modest rewards for some of the hard work that goes into coordinating the resources and effort required to surmount some of the very difficult technical barriers encountered in factoring large integers."

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Network Associates owns patent on new scanning technology

Network Associates, maker of McAfee anti-virus software, has been granted a patent for its new virus scanning technology. The technology focuses on whitespace processing on data being scanned and distinguishing Web page text from text found in a binary virus. Binary virus text would not have its whitespace characters processed as text. In contrast, Web page text would be processed as text.

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Aladdin to acquire Preview Systems

Aladdin Knowledge Systems has signed an agreement to acquire Preview Systems and its electronic software distribution products and business for $5 million. Preview provides commerce platforms and services for the secure distribution of digital goods over the Internet. Aladdin now owns the ZipLock (technology that distributes digital goods over the Net), Vbox (creates trial versions of software applications) and PortableStore (ecommerce storefront) product lines as well as having access to the Preview customer base of software developers and publishers. Aladdin also acquires technology and intellectual property complementary to its Privilege product, an electronic licensing system.

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Ecutel rolls out mobile VPN

Ecutel has rolled out a mobile virtual private network called Viatores 3.0, giving mobile workers full and secure access to corporate resources over any network, in real time. Viatores allows workers to roam between private networks, public networks and private visiting networks with support for LANs, wireless LANs, cellular networks and other communication networks. Some features are: advanced IP mobility support; support for two-way peer-to-peer communication; scalable, flexible architecture; data confidentiality and integrity; key generation and distribution; system and policy management; firewall; and IPSec, Mobile IP, HTTP, PKI and SNMP support.

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