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Quick Takes: LANguard protects Microsoft ISA Server

GFI secures traffic at server level

GFI has issued a security product called LANguard that supports Microsoft's enterprise firewall and Web cache server, ISA Server. LANguard filters content and does anti-virus scanning of inbound and outbound network traffic at the server level. Incoming traffic is checked for viruses, Trojans and objectionable material. It also has a feature that captures downloads for administrator approval. No dedicated machine is necessary to run LANguard and GFI adds that no changes to network configuration are necessary. LANguard hooks in ISA Server as a Web filter and leverages its reporting and alter features. All LANguard administration and configuration is done through the Microsoft Management Console. LANguard also protects against present and future Word macro viruses, disabling macros on any Word or Excel file. LANguard also does real time monitoring of all Net connections.

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CyberArmor integrates with Contivity VPN

InfoExpress has announced that its CyberArmor enterprise-level personal firewall interoperates with Nortel Network's Contivity VPN clients and access switches. CyberArmor secures VPN communication to users of Contivity VPN access switches. CyberArmor enforces policy-based security for remote user communications with a corporate network. Contivity's VPN Switch is a hardware device that provides routing, firewall, bandwidth management, encryption, authentication and data integrity for secure tunneling across managed IP networks and the Internet. CyberArmor has the capability of differentiating between users on the network, when a VPN session is active or when the user is surfing and chooses the correct security policy.

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Sanctum expands into Japanese market

Web application security provider Sanctum has announced that it has forged a deal with the Hitachi Information Network (HINET) to extend distribution of Sanctum's AppShield 3.0 to Japan. HINET will distribute AppShield licenses to its Japanese customers and provide engineering support and local product development. AppShield secures Web sites on the application level by detecting, blocking, logging and altering administrators to Web-enabled security breaches.

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SecureNet promises three-tier IDS announced that its SecureNet Provider intrusion detection product will be available in July. The company said its new product establishes a new industry benchmark by delivering a three-tier network intrusion-detection monitoring and reporting systems targeted at large enterprises and managed service providers. SecureNet Provider allows for centralized monitoring of all IDS sensors throughout an enterprise. The three-tiered architecture features a client desktop application, a manager with datastore and deployed sensors.

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