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Quick Takes: SecureWorks identifies attack signatures for ASPs, ISPs

Quick Takes: SecureWorks identifies attack signatures for ASPs, ISPs

SecureWorks ASP, ISP service protects servers, databases

Secure Works has launched its attack signature service for application service providers and Internet service providers that protects servers and databases. The attack signature stops attacks in real time using its data fingerprint correlation technology. SecureWorks' iSensor product blocks malicious packets, differentiating them from safe packets. The product is targeted at banks that host or outsource online banking services. Health care providers that use data clearinghouses to store patient records are also prime targets for SecureWorks, the company said. SecureWorks identifies attack signatures and sends them to iSensor as they are identified, eliminating the need for systems administrators to keep up with update downloads.

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RapidStream firewalls, VPNs pass IPSec certification

RapidStream has announced that its firewall and virtual private network (VPN) products have passed tests by the VPN Consortium and have been awarded IPSec Certificates Conformance logos. RapidStream's appliances also passed VPNC's basic and rekeying conformance testing last year. RapidStream's products target medium- to large-sized enterprises and protect all points along a company's network, from telecommuters to service providers. RapidStream's products feature stateful packet inspection firewall, IPSec, authentication, PKI, and NAT and Policy acceleration and execution, providing customers with high speed, scalable security.

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New GFI network scanner offered as freeware

E-mail and network security software provider, GFI, has released LANguard Network Scanner as freeware. The scanner audits network security, detecting unnecessary shares, open ports and unsecured registries. The scanner also does operating system detection, password strength testing and scans a network based on IP range. The scans are done from a hacker's perspective, GFI said.

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NetSolve upgrades its ProWatch Secure service

NetSolve has updated its ProWatch network management service with broader network protection, rapid response and in-depth reports on security breaches and hack attempts. Users are given notification and the ability to view security events through NetSolve's Web portal, ProWatch Exchange. Among the enhancements: the ability for customers to track security assets and hardware/software revisions; a calendar of project schedules for new device management; a secure portal for information transfers between NetSolve engineers and users. ProWatch Secure has also added Checkpoint Firewall-1 to its managed firewall service and its bundling its managed Internet router service as an extension of its Internet security perimeter.

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