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Quick Takes: Certicom extends wireless reach

Quick Takes: Certicom extends wireless reach

Certicom license agreements extend wireless reach

Certicom has announced it has licensed its wireless application security software to Motient Corp., Visto, ThinAirApps and Mobile Airwaves. Certicom's software addresses a growing sector. Research indicates that 60% of application developers plan wireless application development in the next six months. Motient runs the country's largest wireless data network. Visto enables easy installation and deployment of remote access to corporate messaging applications like Exchange. ThinAirApps develops wireless groupware and enterprise data access software. Mobile Airwaves is the developer of the Aqivo wireless information server that enable secure wireless data access in less than 24 hours. Aqivo links a corporate intranet to an device, eliminating the need to cache data with a third party. All four companies will use Certicom's Security Builder cryptographic toolkit and WTLS Plus product to build security into their Internet e-business and wireless offerings.

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NTT America chooses Camelot's Hark! for access control

NTT America, a subsidiary of NTT Communications, has selected Camelot's Hark! access control software as its primary internal file security product, Camelot announced this week. Hark! will be central to NTT's initiative to consolidate all its U.S. sites into one network environment. Hark! automatically creates, manages and enforces individual user access permissions and policies across an enterprise. Hark! enables IT departments to produce graphic reports pinpointing organizational issues, security breaches and network events.

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Visa Authenticated Payment ready for rollout

Visa International's board of directors approved worldwide rollout of Visa Authenticated Payment, an e-commerce program that enhances the payment service for merchants, consumers and Visa members by upgrading security among other features. The program gives issuers the ability to authenticate cardholders during an online transaction and notify the merchant that the buyer is authenticated, similar to a face-to-face transaction. Visa hopes the program reduces disputed transactions by 50%. Visa also announced it has partnered with more than 60 Internet service providers and management consulting firms to deploy the program in financial institutions and to merchants worldwide.

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Ankari extends support of its scanners, readers

Network authentication provider Ankari announced that its Trinity authentication and single sign-on software supports a wider range of fingerprint scanners and smart card readers from other vendors. Trinity supports biometric fingerprint scanners designed with chip-based and optical scanning technologies, eliminating the need to enroll a fingerprint for each scanner separately, forcing enterprises to standardize on a single device. This interoperability allows users to log in to the corporate network from any device, or workstation from a single biometric enrollment. Trinity's list of supported and interoperable devices includes: Digital Persona fingerprint scanners and keyboards; Acer laptops with integrated fingerprint scanner; Chicony and Precise Biometrics keyboards, both with integrated smart card reader and fingerprint scanner; Precise Biometrics 100 A and 100 SC devices (previously announced); Veridicom 5th Sense products; and Ankari's BioMouse and BioMouse Plus.

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Entercept enters OEM partnership with Cisco

Entercept Security Technologies announces an OEM partnership with Cisco where Cisco will add Entercept to its security portfolio by co-branding Entercept as its host-based intrusion prevention product. Entercept's proactive server protection was central to the deal, which Entercept CEO Lou Ryan believes represents a shift in the market.

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