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Quick Takes: Layer N cranks up SSL processing

Quick Takes: Layer N cranks up SSL processing

Layer N boosts SSL processing

Layer N Networks' announced that its new UltraLock network security product has enhanced SSL processing to 100,000 transactions per second. Layer N representatives said this rate removes security as a performance bottleneck. Network engineers will be able to design the technology into load balancers, Web switches, SSL appliances, SSL off-loaders, caching accelerators and server NICs. Layer N added that SSL processing for a Web farm can be offloaded from the servers using equipment running an UltraLock device. UltraLock products and pricing will be announced early next year.

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Entercept extends support to iPlanet Web server

Entercept Security Technologies announces its Web server shielding and HTTP protection technology for the iPlanet Web server, providing iPlanet users with protection against intrusions, defacements, data theft and misuse. Entercept has also extended its Solaris protection, extending it to Solaris 8 and 64-bit versions of Solaris. Entercept's shielding technology prevents unauthorized use of a Web server. Its HTTP protection secures Web applications from attack via the HTTP protocol before the server processes them.

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BioconX rolls out new version of its software

Network security software developer, BioconX, announced it was releasing the latest version of its software. BioconX software replaces passwords with biometrics. All user biometric templates are centralized, simplifying access control for administrators. The software identifies a system user's fingerprints or iris against their stored template, giving instant access to servers and applications they are authorized to use through a single sign-on. One enhancement to version 3.5 is the support of shared workstations with private desktops. Different users will be able to log on with an individual biometric at a shared workstation. A second user logging on at the same workstation, for example, will access their desktop and will not be able to see the first.

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Report: SonicWall VPN hardware market share leader

The August 2001 Infonetics Report on VPN and firewall products declared SonicWall the unit market share leader of the worldwide total dedicated VPN hardware market for the fifth consecutive quarter. Infonetics said SonicWall owned 9% of the market share. SonicWall's managed services allow service providers and large enterprises to manage thousands of SonicWall security appliances across a distributed network. It also provides increased scalability, management system redundancy and load balancing.

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Authentica introduces MailRecall Gateway product

Digital rights management software provider, Authentica, introduced MailRecall Gateway, an enterprise secure e-mail product that combines automated digital rights management, encryption and content scanning. Authentica said MailRecall Gateway is the first e-mail product that integrates with content scanning to encrypt and provide control over outgoing e-mail. The company said its product prevents against the loss of intellectual property. It plugs into content scanning technologies, giving companies the ability to scan for viruses or inappropriate content and to control what recipients may do with e-mail content after it is delivered. Its policy/rights management feature allows users to prevent forwarding of unencrypted content, determine message expiration dates, authentication requirements and printing privileges. MailRecall Gateway is available immediately and starts at $17,500 for a 100-sender installation.

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IDC: Chrysalis-ITS leads VPN Acceleration market

Chrysalis-ITS holds a leading 39% of the VPN acceleration market share, according to IDC research. The same report indicates that Chrysalis-ITS controls 36% of the hardware security module market for secure public-key processing.

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