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Quick Takes: WormShield keeps servers safe

Quick Takes: WormShield keeps servers safe

Sanctum WormShield wards off server-based worm attacks

Sanctum announces WormShield, software that automatically and continuously protects servers from known and unknown worm attacks. WormShield comes under Sanctum's flagship AppShield application protection software. The product blocks and monitors unusual or unauthorized behavior within a company's Web site and protects applications from manipulation via the Web. WormShield eliminates the need for administrators to patch servers for every new worm attack. It also logs information about the source of the attack to aid administrators in stopping it.

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Authentica wins patent

Digital rights management software provider, Authentica, announced this week that it has gained the patent for its Active Rights Management (ARM) technology. The technology secures content delivery and gives the sender the ability to control and manage data once recipients have it. Authentica's products include PageRecall for documents, MailRecall for e-mail and NetRecall for Web content. The patent covers ARM features like its ability to manage the use of secured information from a centralized policy and key server; and protect the security of the information by uniquely presenting and protecting the decryption keys themselves.

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Viaquo's rolls out Net-based security application

Viaquo's announced its new ViaSeal Internet-based security application that secures rich media content, allowing access only to preauthorized users and allowing distribution of the content over the Net or a private network. Called distributed access permissioning software (DAPS), ViaSeal will be available in December, according to the company. ViaSeal, based on the ANSI x9.69 standard, is a distributed product and authentication is built into the credentials predistributed to users and the encrypted data files sent to users.

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Ericom publisher tool supports Unix security

Enterprise connectivity and e-business product provider, Ericom Software, announced that its PowerTerm Host Publisher software supports the latest version of the SSH Secure Shell security protocol for Unix systems. PowerTerm Host Publisher Web- and wireless-enables Unix and other legacy systems, giving users secure access to data and systems via the Internet, intranets and extranets. The software makes legacy data and applications available through the Web, wireless devices, PCs, laptops and others. SSH is a UNIX-based protocol for secure access to remote computers. SSH2 offers enhanced user authentication and encrypted password-protection for secure terminal connections and communications over the Internet. PowerTerm Host Publisher also supports SSH1, SSL and TLS.

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