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Quick Takes: RSA encryption software gets key validation

Quick Takes: RSA encryption software gets key validation

RSA crypto software gets FIPS validation

RSA Security announced that its RSA BSafe Crypto-C 5.2.1 encryption software has been validated that it conforms to the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-1 security requirements for cryptographic modules. The validation program is critical to providing federal agencies with tested cryptographic products and applications to protect information. RSA has added MultiPrime technology that processes encryption/signing tasks and PKCS#11 support. PKCS is a crypto standard for communication with hardware accelerator cards and smart cards. RSA licensees can now use RSA's FIPS-approved standard public-key encryption algorithms, symmetric (private-key) encryption algorithms, message digest algorithms and other security components to obtain FIPS 140-1 certification for their products.

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Sanctum brings AppShield to Japan

Web application security software developer, Sanctum, announced it was making its AppShield 3.1 software available to the Japanese market through a partnership with Hitachi Joho. Hitachi will also soon distribute AppScan 2.5, an application vulnerability assessment tool, in Japan. The international version of AppShield will support Japanese language Web sites. AppShield secures Web sites by detecting attempted breaches, blocking access to the application, logging an attacker's actions and IP information and sending alerts to administrators. AppScan audits applications throughout the lifecycle, allowing developers, administrators and consultants to automatically assess vulnerability levels in Web applications.

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Vericept releases enterprise product

Vericept announced the availability of Vericept Enterprise, an enterprise network monitoring product targeting Global 2000 companies. Vericept Enterprise is a platform for network content monitoring for large and medium-size businesses. Vericept is not a blocking or filtering product and does not restrict communication or access to information. It analyzes network traffic against a pre-defined activity that a company deems inappropriate, like pornography, inappropriate instant messaging or chats.

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NetWolves unleashes security suite

NetWolves Corp., announced the release of advanced security suite configurations worldwide this week. The NetWolves Security Suite includes three WolfPac configurations, Internet security platforms that are scalable, linking large companies with remote offices or acting as a gateway for small and medium sized companies. The platforms incorporate an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), content filtering through SmartFilter technology, and anti-virus protection. NetWolves also offers its SRM2 Managed Security Services that include Remote Monitoring, Remote Management, Extranet services, Anti-virus and SmartFilter.

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ADT to resell Visionics biometrics

ADT Security Services has partnered with Visionics Corp., to promote and resell FaceIt Argus, facial surveillance and identification systems. ADT will market the product within its Federal Systems and Aviation Division. Argus uses a set of biometric network appliances to capture faces on video in real time and convert the facial images into faceprints. Those prints are then shipped on a network to the Workstation Server where the matching process takes place. Unlimited cameras may be added to the network without impacting performance.

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