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Quick Takes: Ipswitch adds antivirus to e-mail product

Quick Takes: Ipswitch adds antivirus to e-mail product

Ipswitch secures e-mail with new antivirus software

Ipswitch announced this week the release of its new IMail Anti-Virus product that protects e-mail from viruses and is based on Symantec's CarrierScan Server. CarrierScan provides virus scanning and repair services for Web-based file transactions and content storage and delivery systems. IMail Anti-Virus is integrated with IMail Server and scans e-mail without having to install an agent on an end-user's computer. Administrators, once a virus is detected, have the option of removing a virus from an e-mail attachment then forwarding the message to the recipient, bouncing the infected message back to the sender, forwarding an infected message to an administrator or deleting the infected message. IMail Anti-Virus ranges from $1,340 for 250 users to $6,740 for the unlimited version.

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CipherTrust integrates IDS into IronMail

CipherTrust announced that it has integrated an intrusion-detection system into its IronMail e-mail security appliance. An enterprise can use the appliance to monitor, detect and respond to e-mail application-level threats that are missed by a network IDS. IronMail IDS is a second layer of e-mail specific, host-based protection against Trojan horses, viruses and worms missed at the network level. It also alerts managers of threats, cuts off connections to stop attacks and detects password cracks and system modifications. Pricing for IronMail starts at $17,500.

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University selects Sybari antivirus for Exchange, Domino servers

The University of Dayton has selected Sybari Software's Antigen antivirus content-management and e-mail security product for Microsoft Exchange and Domino servers. The servers support more than 10,000 students and 2,000 faculty members and administrators. Antigen uses scan engine technology from Network Associates, Norman Data Defense, Sophos, and two Computer Associates engines from their Entrust offering. Administrators are able to filter e-mail attachments using Antigen's File Filter by file name, type or wild card.

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Finjan blocks malicious code in e-mail

Finjan Software announced it has developed e-mail security software that protects against known and unknown attacks via e-mail. SurfinGate for E-Mail is based on Finjan's behavior-inspection technology and anti-virus scanning. Administrators can proactively block new, unknown malicious code without virus signature updates. It is available as a pre-configured appliance and as a software plug-in to Microsoft Exchange 2000 server. Pricing is $49 per user and licensing agreements are available. Appliance hardware is $5,000. A final release will ship in December, Finjan said.

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Visionics facial recognition makes aviation headway

Biometrics company, Visionics Corporation, announced an alliance with ARINC Inc., a systems integrator for the aviation industry and the government. ARINC will resell Visionics products, like its FaceIT Argus systems and integrate its FaceIt technology into custom products that require facial recognition. FaceIt Argus is a real-time facial surveillance and identification system that can handle an unlimited number of camera inputs and database size. A consortium of leading airlines, aircraft manufacturers and operators worldwide owns ARINC.

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Digital Defense releases updated network scanner

Digital Defense announced the availability of its DDI Frontline 2.0 network service. DDI Frontline 2.0 is a security analysis and risk management tool that does network scanning and multiple level reporting, real-time intelligence, IT support and systems management. IT managers can schedule vulnerability assessments and penetration tests of customers' networks. It also offers internal and external views of a network to identify network weaknesses, suggests fixes and monitors those repairs. Executives can also get customized graphical reports. DDI Frontline 2.0 is currently available worldwide as part of Digital Defense's security services. Pricing is based on the number of customer IPs, starting at $500 per month. Support is included.

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