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Quick Takes: RSA secures MQSeries

Quick Takes: RSA secures MQSeries

MQSeries comes with Cert-C PKI from RSA

MQSeries management market leader, Candle Corp., and RSA Security announced that Candle has incorporated RSA's BSafe Cert-C PKI software into Version 210 of MQSecure. A component of IBM's WebSphere Web services platform, MQSeries is a messaging platform that enables data exchanges between applications across more than 35 platforms from mainframes to PCs. A leading research company reports that Candle owns 70% of the MQSeries market share. MQSecure keeps the data within MQSeries applications secure by providing validation, authentication and non-repudiation. It also supports authorization from outside security programs like RACF, ACF2 and the OS/390's Top Secret. Candle is also using RSA BSAFE Crypto-C libraries in MQSecure.

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CyberGatekeeper ready for shipment

InfoExpress announced last week that its remote system policy enforcer, CyberGatekeeper Suite, is ready for shipment. Administrators using the software suite will have a single platform to define and enforce security configurations for remote computers accessing a corporate network. The software audits a remote system before it is granted network access. CyberGatekeeper is vendor-neutral and designed to work with third-party software like VPN clients, personal firewalls and antivirus programs. This feature gives administrators flexibility in choosing applications and allows them to enforce custom configurations and applications on remote systems. Components of the suite are installed on the network and on remote systems, including the CyberGatekeeper Agent that monitors the remote system and report to the CyberGatekeeper Server, which grants or denies access. CyberGatekeeper Policy Manager allows administrators to define applications and configurations required or prohibited on user systems. CyberGatekeeer Agent costs $59 a seat and $4,995 for the CyberGatekeeper Server.

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Authentica updates PageRecall, NetRecall

Digital rights management software provider Authentica announced new versions of its PageRecall and NetRecall content security software. The new versions target the enterprise, government agencies and e-businesses. The new features include: protection of dynamically created Web content before it is passed to the browser on NetRecall; enhanced internalization where PageRecall and NetRecall clients recognize double byte-characters to support global deployments; integration with Office XP; auto proxy detection for both that detects an organization's proxy setting and automatically configures based on it; audio file encryption where PageRecall offers the ability to encrypt embedded sound files within PDF documents for e-learning, training and other applications. PageRecall 3.0 and NetRecall 3.0 are available immediately. Pricing is based on concurrent users and server configuration and starts at $17,500 for a 100-user environment.

More on Authentica releases SSL stress emulator has released a new software module that stress tests the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) performance of Web servers and acceleration products. FlameThrower/SSL Stressor tests SSL performance with a single chassis producing a high number of SSL/HTTPS transaction rates. More than one chassis can be cascaded to produce extreme transaction rates. Web sites use SSL to securely conduct transactions over the Internet. FlameThrower/SSL Stressor gives administrators detailed analysis of mass SSL transactions, including the number of SSL connections per second, the latency of connection and data transfer; manipulation of the cipher suite used; and other parameters and metrics that enable IT managers to build a solid SSL environment.

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