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2002: Management to top priority list?

SearchSecurity Editor Cathy Gagne looks into her crystal ball and shares her predictions for what 2002 will bring to the security industry.

As part of our year-end coverage at TechTarget, we surveyed all of our sites about what issues are expected to loom largest in 2002. And guess what topped that list on many of our sites? Security. It is one big ball of yarn, and the more we unravel, the more problems we uncover.

So what does this mean for all of you -- the security pros? I believe it means that security management is going to be your No. 1 priority for next year. Strong security is an essential part of corporate America -- finally. But security touches everything, and it's a mess from what I'm hearing and reading. We're all in reactionary mode, when we need to be in prevention mode. And to get in prevention mode, we need solid security management.

I'm talking virus management, policies management, firewalls management, incident- response management, security-infrastructure planning and management, password and authentication management and management of e-mail and our remote workforce. Those specific areas top my list, in terms of security issues.

What we all need to do is stop, take a breath, find solutions to our biggest security problems, and then manage those problems very carefully -- through policies and strong communication between all departments. We need to stay on top of it all and coordinate and manage the layers of security within an organization, or else frustration and chaos will take over. A recent top news story indicated that constant security fixes are overwhelming IT managers. So those nasty viruses that you're all scrambling to diffuse or thwart against are costly in so many ways. Viruses have taken on a life of their own, but they're just a piece of what you're responsible for as a security manager.

So for 2002, searchSecurity will continue our comprehensive news coverage, but we will strive to make our site rich with advice on how to take action with all the security management issues that you're faced with. The staff counts on you to let us know when you can't find what you need?keep in touch and help us help you. Let's all try to stay safe next year.

Best regards and happy holidays,
Cathy Gagne, site editor, searchSecurity

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