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2002 predictions from expert Frederick M. Avolio

SearchSecurity expert Frederick Avolio shares his thoughts on what's to come in the security industry in 2002.

We asked security experts to give us their industry predictions for the New Year. Here's what Frederick Avolio had to say.

Twenty-five or so new firewall products will be announced. Ten new IDS products will hit the stores. IPsec will make them all obsolete. Then the population of the planet will agree to mind its own business and none of this will be needed anymore.

Oops... sorry. I was day-dreaming. I mean ...

The use of network intrusion-detection systems (NIDS) will continue to grow. Users will continue to be unsure about what to do with them and how to handle and consolidate all of that data.

Use of virtual private networks (VPNs) will continue to grow, allowing secure channels over which Trojan Horse programs -- already inside the enterprise, or getting in via e-mail -- can freely flow. 2002 will be "the year of the VPN" (though -- I must mention -- I've nominated three other years for year of the VPN in the past, but I'm really, really sure this time.)

Users will continue to state "wants" instead of "business requirements" and will continue to word requests for service in terms of solutions ("I need port 2092 allowed through the firewall," vice "I want to play an interactive game with my friends over the Internet.").

Security will be recognized as an enabler and a cost of doing business by upper management and will cease to be an "afterthought" in products and planning.

Wait... maybe I am still daydreaming.

Frederick M. Avolio
Frederick is the president and founder of Avolio Consulting, Inc., a Maryland-based corporation specializing in computer and network security and dedicated to improving the state of corporate and Internet security through education and testing. Frederick answers your e-mail, e-commerce and encryption questions via searchSecurity's Ask the Expert feature.

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