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2002 predictions from expert Mandy Andress

SearchSecurity expert Mandy Andress shares her thoughts on what the future will bring to the security industry.

We asked security experts to give us their industry predictions for the New Year. Here's what Mandy Andress had to say.

For the next year, I see even more growth in the malicious worm/Trojan/virus arena. Subsequently, I also see an increased focus on finding solutions to help automate and manage the patch installation process. All the discussions on full disclosure of vulnerabilities and the role Microsoft has taken will certainly be one of the key topics of conversation.

Finally, I see wireless growing even more. Wireless LANs are already very popular and I do not see that waning any time soon. Also, the introduction of Pocket PC 2002 and its networking capabilities will introduce a whole new range of security issues for administrators to deal with.

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Mandy is Founder and President of ArcSec Technologies and author of Surviving Security. She monitors the searchSecurity Sound Off discussion forum and answers your questions there. Her areas of expertise include firewalls, VPNs, infrastructure and network security, e-commerce and system security.

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