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2002 predictions from expert Ed Yakabovicz

SearchSecurity expert Ed Yakabovicz shares his thoughts on the security industry in 2002.

We asked security experts to give us their industry predictions for the New Year. Here's what Ed Yakabovicz had to say.

IDS will be taken to the third generation of tools that includes much better tools for reporting and detecting. IDS will be at the RFC protocol level and detect at layer two of the IP stack. Speed, as with the Dragon product, will be at the highest possible OC3 or higher. I think the older products, like Axent and RealSecure, are in trouble and need to take a look at the customer base and the way they provide customer service. Third generation IDS is coming in 2002, plus 2002 is the year of the Dragon in the IDS world.

Firewalls will also change this year with the concept of combining firewalls and IDS, but that work properly. You will also see firewall vendors join with IDS vendors as partners to provide a complete package from experts on both sides.

Information security in general will see a flux of people that are attempting to ride the Infosec wave as people did over the last five years with Windows Products. Infosec will be flooded with people who are not experts, but beginners posing as experts. Although many think this is easy, the beginners are easy to find. Infosec will also continue to be at the forefront of the tech world simply because of the terrorist threat in the world today. I was thinking maybe experts in terrorist Infosec will develop and become the next hot bed of excitement.

Well, that is most of what I think will happen beyond the standard advances in CPU's my Intel, next versions of IDS and firewalls, you know the bla bla bla stuff that always happens.. Cutting trends will be infosec based on terrorist activity, hackers, viruses...

Ed Yakabovicz
Ed has very diverse experience in design, configuration, maintenance, testing, information security and analysis of network enterprise systems. His strengths include information security, Microsoft Windows products, OS/2, Unix, TCP/IP and firewalls. Ed answers your questions on viruses, Trojan horses and worms via searchSecurity's Ask the Expert feature.

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