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Quick Takes: Entercept buffer overflow protection patented

Quick Takes: Entercept buffer overflow protection patented

Entercept gets buffer overflow detection patent

Entercept has been awarded a United States patent for its generic buffer overflow protection technology. Entercept products secure server operating systems. The patented technology identifies executable code that originates from unchecked buffers and blocks it before it can run. The patent said that the technology determines if code that is about to be executed by the OS came from a normal application or from an overflowed buffer and blocks potentially malicious code from executing. The technology prevents such exploits regardless of the application or buffer involved.

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Camelot updates access control software

Camelot announced the next version of its Hark automated access control software, Hark 1.3, is available. Hark 1.3 is based on advanced discovery algorithms to analyze network events and maps relationships between users and network resources by analyzing network events for similarities, patterns and groups. Administrators can use the information to create network policies and management of network users, resources and applications. The upgrades include increased performance and scalability, platform support for Solaris 2.6, 7 and 8, Active Directory and NIS support, a security policy monitor, new reporting and security features.

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Chrysalis-ITS compliant with Identrus

Chrysalis-ITS announced that its hardware security modules are Identrus compliant. The modules may now be used in securing private encryption keys in financial security architectures. Identrus infrastructure is used by banks and merchants to conduct secure, online transactions. It is the standard for trusted business-to-business financial transactions. Chrysalis-ITS' Luna HSMs are used to protect private encryption keys at the certificate authority, registration authority, to provide key protection and acceleration for OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) responders and to perform signing requests at the DSMS (Digital Signature Messaging Service) in the Identrus system.

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InfoExpress allies with Alcatel

Remote access security developers, InfoExpress, announced a technology alliance with telcom giant Alcatel that will provide a secure, integrated virtual private network and firewall for corporate networks. InfoExpress will lend its CyberArmor firewall to the alliance. It is certified interoperable with Alcatel's Secure VPN Client software. CyberArmor detects when the Alcatel VPN is active and applies an appropriate security policy. CyberArmor is a centrally managed distributed firewall that extends policy-based security to remote workers who access corporate networks through the Internet. CyberArmor pricing starts at $59 per seat.

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Sanctum moves into Europe

Web application security developer, Sanctum, Inc., announced a partnership with Articon-Integralis AG, one of Europe's leading IT security developers. Articon-Integralis will distribute Sanctum's AppScan and AppShield in Europe, products that secure Web applications from attackers. AppScan is a vulnerability assessment tool for Web applications. AppShield is a Web application firewall.

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