2002 predictions from expert Neal O'Farrell

SearchSecurity expert Neal O'Farrell shares his thoughts on the New Year and the state of information security.

We asked security experts to give us their industry predictions for the New Year. Here's what Neal O'Farrell had to say.

More of the same.

More products with more holes followed by more apologies and excuses as hollow as the holes.

Biometrics will go the way of PKI -- more debate, more argument about the best way to "biometricize" the world and more delays with any widespread adoption. Voice verification might get more attention as users realize that fingerprints are a one-time shot that can't be reissued after the bio database has been hacked.

More new faces and more consolidation -- new firms will continue to appear with exciting new security products, unfazed by the equally high number of new firms with exciting new products that had so much hope last year and are now history.

More hacktivism as war protesters find more courage.

Greater focus on the role and control of the trusted employee.

My 73-year-old mother in Dublin Ireland will have a firewall. She called me last week to ask me if I had one, and after seeing an article on hackers in a local newspaper she definitely thinks it's about time she got one. Personal firewalls are likely to be the most widely used security technology.

SearchSecurity will consolidate its claim as the best security resource on the Web!

Neal O'Farrell
Neal is CEO of Hackademia, a firm focused on security education. He's a twenty-year veteran of information security, former hacker and original Code Rebel. As an expert on searchSecurity, Neal answers your questions on user education, secure e-mail and e-commerce and encryption.

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