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Quick Takes: MessageLabs antivirus certified by ICSA

Quick Takes: MessageLabs antivirus certified by ICSA

ICSA Labs validates MessageLabs antivirus

MessageLabs, a managed security service provider, announced that its SkyScan antivirus e-mail service has been certified by ICSA Labs. ICSA Labs is an independent division of TruSecure that certifies 95% of the industry's antivirus software, PC and network firewalls, cryptography and IPSec products. The testing process included ICSA sending infected and clean e-mail through SkyScan. To gain certification, 100% of viruses in the wild must be detected, as well as 100% of ICSA's Common Infectors List and identify malicious code in compressed files and e-mail encoded with "uuencode" and MIME. Complete logs also must be produced. SkyScan works at the Internet level, cutting off malware before it reaches the corporate network. The service does not require virus signatures in advance, unlike desktop and network gateway antivirus software.

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NetOctave licenses SSH toolkit

NetOctave, a developer of silicon-based Secure Sockets Layer, IPSec and IP storage network security products, announced that it has licensed SSH Communications Security's SSH IPSEC Express toolkit. NetOctave will provide interoperability between SSH IPSEC Express and its NSP3000 series of IPSec acceleration products. NetOctave said SSH's IPSec technology is the industry standard for IP-based security. NetOctave's NSP3000-IPSec Security Accelerator Board products allow companies to integrate hardware-accelerated IPSec security into new or existing network equipment.

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McAfee services to be offered by Converge-Net

McAfee announced that Converge-Net will offer McAfee managed security services, including anti-virus, vulnerability assessment and desktop firewall services. Converge-Net specializes in the management, design, analysis and security of corporate networks. Converge-Net customers will have access to McAfee's line of online managed security services for comprehensive protection of all business applications. The services incorporate Rumor peer-to-peer technology to automate the delivery of content and software updates transparently and securely to ensure users are protected against the latest vulnerabilities. The services include: VirusScan ASaP, VirusScreen ASaP, CyberCop ASap, DesktopFirewall ASaP.

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Rainbow, CipherTrust integrate e-commerce, e-mail security

Rainbow security, a digital content and transaction security provider, and CipherTrust, an e-mail security appliance provider, announced an agreement to integrate Rainbow's CryptoSwift eCommerce accelerator with CipherTrust's IronMail e-mail security appliance. The combination may be used by companies of all sizes, providing a new standard for securing e-mail and transactions. CryptoSwift, a PCI-based SSL accelerator, will bolster the strong security built into IronMail, according to the companies. IronMail combines five components of protection in one appliance to ensure complete security of e-mail systems. CryptoSwift will accelerate Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocols for e-mail transactions resulting in improved performance.

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