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Quick Takes: Firewall added to hosting provider's offerings

Quick Takes: Firewall added to hosting provider's offerings

Managed hosting provider offers high-speed firewall

Managed hosting provider Digex announced a new high-speed firewall has been added to its managed security offerings for customers who do business on the Internet. The firewall is built on Nokia IP740 technology and is integrated with Check Point's FireWall-1 software. The firewall is configured to run with Digex's hardened server build and delivers gigabit-plus performance, according to Digex. It features hot swappable components, redundant power supply options and is configured and maintained from a remote location. The firewall scales with network growth and is compatible with intrusion detection and antivirus software from third-party providers. Also featured is Firewall Flows, a tool that moves the stateful inspection process to the hardware level, reducing CPU strain and increasing performance, Digex said.

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NCircle identifies vulnerable XP machines

NCircle Network Security announced that its IP360 network security product has been updated to identify recently reported Windows XP vulnerabilities. Enterprises using IP360 will be able to identify Windows systems where the Universal Plug-and-Play service is installed. The vulnerabilities allow for remote buffer overflow, denial-of-service and distributed denial-of-service attacks.

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GFI enhances e-mail security testing zone for XP

GFI has launched two e-mail test out of its GFI E-mail Security Testing Zone for Outlook XP administrators. The tests will enable administrators to determine if their Outlook XP system is vulnerable to attack. The tests send e-mail carrying an executable attachment in disguise, a CLSID file extension and a malformed HTML application file extension. Outlook XP has default protection against executables, but it does not recognize these files as executables. Rather than blocking them, Outlook XP asks the user if it should run the files.

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Citadel files for patent for its Hercules application

Network security and privacy provider, Citadel Security Software, announced that it has filed for a U.S. patent for core technologies and processes for its Hercules automated network vulnerability remediation application. The Hercules Beta program was launched in December. Herculese automates remediation of vulnerabilities found by scanning applications from ISS, Network Associates, CyberCop and Microsoft. It operates in Windows 2000, XP and soon, Unix, Linux and Solaris. Administrators are given real-time remediation definitions. Hercules also generates reports and monitors systems to ensure compliance.

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Logica customers soon to have Kyberpass TrustPlatform

Kyberpass and Logica have agreed to deliver Kyberpass TrustPlatform technology for Identrus, enterprise applications and business-to-business exchanges. Kyberpass PKI technology will be offered to Logica customers. TrustPlatforms allow enterprises to rapidly integrate PKI with applications and networks, avoiding the use of PKI toolkits.

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PDASecure 'Best of Show' at Planet PDA

Trust Digital LLC's PDASecure applicaton was named "Best of Show" best security solution at Planet PDA. The application secures data stored on handheld computers through a combination of password protection, data encryption and administrative control features. PDASecure features a policy editor that disseminates policy changes to handhelds used in an enterprise.

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