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(#8) Security Policies Tip: Creative user education

Here are some ideas for implementing user education in your organization.

SearchSecurity member Michelle Levine offers suggestions for educating your end users in this Security Policies Tip. Do you have a tip for increasing user awareness? Submit it to searchSecurity.

It has been claimed that much of the insider threat stems from "user stupidity" -- but is it really stupidity -- or are users merely unaware of security policy? When users download software to scan the skies for aliens, are they intending to create network vulnerabilities1 and invite hackers in the back door? Or are they simply unaware that such actions violate security policy and of the potential problems such violations can cause?

Most users don't want to cause major security breaches, but do so out of ignorance. Standard security advice is to educate users on security policy, but this is easier said than done.

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