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Quick Takes: Image analysis, filtering comes to e-mail security

Quick Takes: Image analysis, filtering comes to e-mail security

Group Software using LTU in its e-mail security module

Group Software announced that its has added LTU Technologies' image analysis and filtering product, Image-Filter, to its new securiQ.Xblock e-mail security module. LTU's image-recognition technology analyzes and describes e-mail, Web page, streaming audio and video content. SecuriQ.Xblock already offers anti-spam, encryption, virus protection, attachment control and e-mail recording and archiving. Enterprise customers using this product will be able to distinguish between legitimate, business-oriented images and offensive or strategically sensitive images.

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SCM endorses smart card technology for IDs

SCM Microsystems announced last week that it endorses the use of smart card technology as a means of personal identification. SCM and the Smart Card Alliance Secure Personal ID Task Force wrote a position paper on the topic advocating the use of smart cards in government and enterprise IDs. The paper said that smart card products meet policy and legal mandates, are flexible enough to store, protect and modify personal information, can incorporate authenticated and authorized information access and offer tamper resistant features that, when combined with biometrics, passwords or PKI encryption, are hard to duplicate or forge.

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NetSolve partnerships solidify services offering

Remote network management service provider, NetSolve, has announced partnerships with Berbee, EIA, Garrison, IBM Global Services and NEC Business Network Solutions among others to assemble network security services for customers, called Security Lifecycle Management. The services include security planning, design and implementation, security auditing, scanning and compliancy checking; and ongoing monitoring and management of security devices.

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BellSouth secured by SonicWall

BellSouth's FastAccess Internet Service mid-size and enterprise customers looking for a hardware firewall product will be using SonicWall product, the two companies announced last week. Customers will have access to SonicWall products via inbound and outbound call centers and from Web-based ordering systems. The product is based on a high-performance, 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet platform, it delivers fast firewall throughput and scalability to support new value added security services, such as network anti-virus, ASIC-based accelerated VPN, strong authentication using digital certificates and content filtering subscription.

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TruSecure acquires Three Pillars

Managed security service provider TruSecure announced last week that it acquired Three Pillars, an infrastructure security management company. TruSecure said it will integrate Three Pillars' remote management and monitoring services into its managed security services.

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Infrastructure protection conference scheduled for March

Norwich University will host the fourth annual e-ProtectIT Infrastructure Security Conference March 20-22. The conference will focus on computer forensics and the collaboration between government and industry in combating cyber criminals.

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