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Quick Takes: Managed services help companies qualify for cyber insurance

Quick Takes: Managed services aid companies qualify for cyber insurance

ISS helping companies qualify for cyber insurance

Internet Security Systems (ISS) announced a joint program with insurance firm, Marsh Inc., that help companies meet underwriting requirements and qualify for cyber insurance by giving them a risk mitigation product. ISS is lending its Secure Steps managed security services to the alliance. The services secure assets and mitigate potential liability that a security breach could create. The program expedites insurance qualification, offers an online application through a dedicated Web sites, discounts and 24x7 monitoring and response. The ISS managed services include a bundle of managed firewall, intrusion detection and antivirus services along with response services.

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Pharmaceutical, chemical company chooses Ubizen services

Managed security services provider, Ubizen, announced that UCB Group, a leading pharmaceutical and chemical company has selected Ubizen's OnlineGuardian service to install, manage, monitor and support its virtual private network and Internet access for multiple sites across the company's wide area network. Central to the services is Ubizen's proprietary SEAM (State and Event Analysis Machine) technology that collects and processes events, analyzes them and highlights potential security risks allowing administrators to be proactive and correct potential threats before they are exposed.

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Latin American telco partners with SonicWall

Latin American telecommunications network, Embratel, announced a partnership with SonicWall where Embratel's Internet SMB users will use SonicWall security products through a new service called Embratel Business Security. SonicWall lends its stateful packet-inspection firewalls and ASIC-based, accelerated Virtual Private Networking (VPN), anti-virus, content filtering, and the SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) for centralized remote enforcement and managed deployment of security policies to the partnership.

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GFI updates its network scanner

E-mail and network security provider, GFI, announced it has released LANguard Network Scanner 2.0, a commercial and freeware tool for conducting security audits on Windows networks. A new feature allows administrators to compare consecutive scan results to identify new security holes. Other upgrades include the ability to detect known network vulnerabilities in areas such as HTTP, FTP and SMTP services. The scanner scans for network weaknesses and alerts administrators to open ports, unnecessary shares, registries that need to be closed down, and other points of vulnerability. It also performs OS detection and password strength testing.

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3Com announces Embedded Firewall

3Com Corporation announced that its 3Com Embedded Firewall is available. The firewall works with 3Com 10/100 Secure Network Interface Cards, extending firewall protection to at-risk desktops and servers. The 3Com Embedded Firewall controls user access and filters all traffic regardless of whether it originates from inside the corporate LAN or across the Internet. Additionally, 3Com announces the latest in its family of secure NICs, the 3Com 100 Secure Fiber-FX Network Interface Card.

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AiT, Chrysalis-ITS bring digital security to passports

AiT and Chrysalis-ITS have formed a technical partnership that brings cryptographical digital signatures to passports, protecting against alteration and forgery. AiT's GenIE secure document issuance system is used to issue a passport that is signed with the issuing authority's private key. When the passport is issued the cryptographic digital signature is incorporated in the passport via a two-dimensional barcode or RF smart chip. Chrysalis-ITS' Luna CA3 root key management system is used to protect the issuer's private key, vital to the integrity of the overall system.

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