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Quick Takes: New firewall products and partnerships

Quick Takes: New firewall products and partnerships

Check Point VSX a virtual VPN/firewall

Check Point announced last week the Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 VSX, a carrier-class product for service providers and enterprise data centers. VSX employs software virtualization to give users up to 100 separate virtual systems on one hardware platform. VSX improves network availability and delivers wire-speed security through Check Point's SecureXL for multi-gigabit throughput. It also simplifies provisioning and management of customer policies through a three-step provisioning process for creation, configuration and enforcement of policies; global policies for one-click application to all users; and a security console for simplified management.

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Enterasys adds Sygate firewall to wireless product lines

An alliance between Enterasys and Sygate will bring Sygate's firewall technology to Enterasys' VPN and RoamAbout wireless product users and Enterasys will offer Sygate's Secure Enterprise policy enforcement software suite through Enterasys and its partners. The two companies have also developed an integrated VPN/firewall product that gives users a single enforcement point for VPN and firewall policies as well as a single administrative control point for network management.

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Intrusion Inc. integrates Okena into its offerings

Intrusion Inc. will begin offering to its customers Okena's intrusion detection software. Intrusion will license, market, sell and co-brand Okena StormWatch and StormFront as its host-based intrusion detection product for servers and desktops. Okena's products are intelligent, heuristics-based proactive solutions for desktops and servers.

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NCipher: Partnership, developer expansion

NCipher, a developer of cryptographic security products and technologies, announces a partnership with application security system provider Caradas as well as an extension of its Secure Execution Engine for developers needing to protect business processes and sensitive data.

Caradas delivers authentication and access control products and will lends its consulting and integration personnel to apply nCipher crypto products to secure e-business applications, policies and procedures.

NCipher will also deliver higher performance and support for application developers through the introduction of its new CodeSafe/C Developer Kit giving C/C++ developers a trusted hardware environment for those applications. CodeSafe/C allows sensitive application processing to be moved inside the perimeter of the nCipher nShield Hardware Security Module (HSM) to increase security and more closely couple cryptographic processes, such as encryption, with the keys on which they depend, reducing the need for human intervention.

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SonicWall announces new VPN Client software

SonicWall announced that the latest version of its SonicWall VPN Client, version 8.0, software is available. The software enables secure remote access to network resources from any remote location or wireless device. The VPN client enables the creation of VPN tunnels with any of SonicWALL's integrated security appliances. It also supports the 802.11b wireless protocol, ensuring secure communication with the corporate network. The IPSec-compliant, multi-platform VPN Client runs on Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP computers.

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