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Quick Takes: Behavior-based IDS gets facelift

Quick Takes: Behavior-based IDS gets facelift

Okena updates StormWatch

Okena announced version 3.0 of StormWatch this week. The new version introduces new policies ranging from Solaris 8 Agent and Apache Server protection to Microsoft Exchange and Solaris SendMail -- all with point-and-click IT administration. StormWatch is a behavioral security product that works on desktops and servers, across Windows and Unix platforms, in order to stop complex threats like the Nimda worm from causing damage. Unlike traditional intrusion detection products that manage 50-100 agent sensors, OKENA StormWatch 3.0 scales to 5,000 intelligent agents managed from a single management console. OKENA StormWatch is a stand-alone layer of security, which can also work together with existing security infrastructures. Pricing is as follows: $4,995 for the management console, $1,800 for server Intelligent Agents and $85 for desktop Intelligent Agents

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Qualys offers browser vulnerability assessment as a Web service

Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Qualys recently announced the availability of a free browser vulnerability service. Run interactively and in real time, this Web service allows Microsoft Internet Explorer users to immediately identify their browser vulnerabilities and patch them with validated fixes. This service provides system administrators with a tool to educate users and make them aware of security holes embedded within their browsers before intruders scan exploit them. Harnessing technology from the company's QualysGuard Managed Vulnerability Platform, the browser checkup impersonates a hacker to perform a series of tests against Microsoft's Internet Explorer to detect vulnerabilities and reveal information that could potentially be exposed to attackers.

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Sophos goes to college

Sophos recently announced the University of California has licensed its antivirus software for up to 100,000 users at a number of its campuses. Participating campuses includes the Universities of California at Irvine, San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The office of the University of California?s president will also use Sophos.

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Sun's Trusted Solaris certified

Sun Microsystems recently announced its Trusted Solaris 8 4/01 has received security certification under the Common Criteria Labeled Security Protection Profile (LSPP) at Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL4). The only operating system to achieve this level of certification, Trusted Solaris 8 OE is an integrated platform expanding the capabilities of the Solaris 8 OE for customers who require enhanced security and strong access control in a highly secure environment, Sun said.

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Visualware monitors Web activity on open ports

Turlock, Calif?based Visualware Inc. today unveiled VisualLookout 2.1, software that monitors visitor activity on open ports of one or more computer systems and identifies suspicious behavior to help stop hacker attempts. The new release locates the country of origin for inbound and outbound connections and shows the location on a world map. The software also provides automated alerts for notification of undesired events, such as a connection from a high-risk location. VisualLookout provides both high-level and detailed views that provide traffic information in real-time or on a historical basis. Information provided includes views of active network connections showing who is connected, the service being used, whether the connection is inbound or outbound, how many connections are active and how long a user has been connected.

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