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Quick Takes: Antivirus just for your IIS server

Quick Takes: Antivirus just for your IIS server

Norman Data Defense brings AV to IIS

Norman Data Defense Systems announced this week that it has developed Norman Virus Control for Microsoft's Internet Information Server, antivirus software to protect IIS servers from worms and viruses. Norman Virus Control for IIS sits between the Internet and the IIS server and monitors incoming HTTP requests. All malware attacks are logged and this data is accessible via the Web. The product will also block traffic from offending IP addresses for a specified period of time.

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ETrust certified for Solaris, Linux systems

TruSecure Corp., recently announced Computer Associates' eTrust Antivirus is the first product to be certified by ICSA Labs for antivirus products designed for the Solaris and Linux operating systems. The ICSA Labs Anti-Virus Certification program is an independent and comprehensive process that rigorously tests, assesses, and validates the security of antivirus products relied upon by all types of companies worldwide.

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IntruVert IDS features signature, anomaly, DoS protection

IntruVert Networks recently unveiled its IntruShield product line of intrusion detection systems (IDSs). IntruShield includes patented signature, anomaly, and denial-of-service (DoS) analysis techniques in a single appliance. The IntruShield system enables accurate network attack detection and prevention at up to 2 Gbps. When deployed inline, the IntruShield sensor appliances are capable of handling deep-packet inspection at up to 2 Gbps. This sensor performance represents 10 times the packet processing capability of today's high-speed firewalls.

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SecureLogix keeps telephone calls secure

SecureLogix Corp. announced a new Enterprise Telephony Management Platform. Dubbed TeleVPN Secure Call System, it provides enterprise-wide call confidentiality over the standard Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The TeleVPN System incorporates strong, policy-based, 3DES encryption for voice, fax, and modem calls across the enterprise. Analogous to IP-based VPN technologies that enable secure data communications through the public, un-trusted Internet or other Wide Area Networks, the TeleVPN Solution provides secure voice, fax and modem communications through the un-trusted PSTN.

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SonicWall secures telecommuter connections

SonicWALL has announced the Tele3 TZ Internet security appliance to offer better security for telecommuters with broadband access and home networks. SonicWALL also announced the Telecommuting Initiative, which integrates a portfolio of products and services to provide a comprehensive solution for companies of all sizes with telecommuter deployments. The rise in broadband availability has made telecommuting an increasingly attractive and viable work option, but has also brought with it an entire array of security concerns such as "always-on" connections. The SonicWALL TELE3 TZ will be available May 21 for US$545 through SonicWALL distribution channels.

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