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Gartner conference: Securing business assets a central theme

Gartner conference: Securing business assets a central theme

Various topics, like PKI, securing e-mail and security policies, are often covered at security conferences. However,...

especially topical areas are scheduled for Gartner's Information Security Conference 2002 this week in Chicago.

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The shadow of September 11 will fall wide on the conference's proceedings. Disaster recovery, homeland security and anti-terrorism tactics will be discussed.

Victor S. Wheatman, vice president and research area director at Gartner, will address in his keynote protecting "Enterprise Assets in the New World." Companies have faced a host of challenges since September 11. How will changes affecting existing security systems? Will new vulnerabilities be introduced?

There are no easy or simple answers, but Wheatman will address the ways businesses need to precede.

In one of the more provocative sessions, Microsoft's former Chief Security Officer will explain why he left the software juggernaut to join the government.

Howard A. Schmidt, vice chairman of the United States Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, is building a board of both government and private experts to focus on cybersecurity in the United States. He reports to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and Tom Ridge, director of Homeland Security.

Other government officials will be on hand to share their insights into computer security. Robert Weaver, Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the New York Electronic Crimes Task, will discuss what his unit does and how businesses need to work with authorities in order to prevent and detect electronic crime.

In a more speculative vein, Wheatman will also examine some of the security issues that businesses will face in the next century.

Other areas to be covered include the human aspects of security, the total cost associated with security and the security aspects of wireless and mobile computing.

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