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Quick Takes: New antivirus tool sends automatic updates

Quick Takes: New antivirus tool sends automatic updates

Sophos releases new antivirus administration tool

Sophos released Enterprise Manger, an antivirus administration tool that automatically distributes virus protection updates and Sophos applications to users. It also simplifies manual updates. Network administrators may use Enterprise Manager to specify the frequency of scheduled automated downloads, or to perform updates on demand.

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Riverhead Networks DDoS protection software available

Riverhead Networks announced that its distributed denial-of-service attack protection software, Riverhead Guard, is available. The product is placed near the router or switch on a separate network interface from normal network traffic. It can be deployed as a standalone DDoS tool or as an integrated product with most DDoS detection systems. Once a threat is detected, Guard diverts only the traffic addressed to the attacked host, while keeping traffic meant for other hosts untouched. Riverhead Guard is immediately available and priced at $80,000.

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Giga lays out ReportCard

Giga Information Group announced its Security Action ReportCard last week, a combination of tools that measures the effectiveness and efficiency of security in three areas: process and policy, physical and technical security. The report compares a company's security organization against industry standards and best practices and recommends improvements. "Giga's position is that people and process, not technology, take precedence in any security operation. Technology solutions are only as effective as the management processes and policies that drive them," said Giga Vice President and security expert analyst Steve Hunt.

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Web application security enhances network security product

KaVaDo announced that its InterDo 2.5 Web application security software will be integrated with Radware's local and global IP Application Switch Web Server Director (WSD). The new offering combines application protection with system availability and performance. Radware's WSD directs application-related traffic to InterDo, which inspects the traffic for malicious information and hacking methods, and forwards only trusted requests to the Web application servers. InterDo protects against attacks like SQL injection, database sabotage and parameter tampering. The two companies said using WSD and InterDo together allows up to a 500% increase in content speed inspection.

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