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Security Decisions: IDS, PKI, TCO and more

Security Decisions: IDS, PKI, TCO and more

Security mavens will descend on Chicago this week for the first Security Decisions conference, sponsored by Se...


Topics ranging from PKI to working with the government on security will be covered. Art Coviello, CEO of RSA Security and John Schwarz, COO of Symantec, will also be on hand to take questions from the audience in separate sessions.

Additionally, the first Achievement Awards will be presented honoring a company or individual for accomplishments in security either through new technology or through raising public awareness for it.

An important element of security is an effective security policy. One must understand the actual threats associated with their network for an effective policy, said David Strom, security consultant, who is presenting a session on the topic. Another important factor is how users will be using the technology. "I'll be taking a realist view of what they are doing," he said. "You need to anticipate users' movements on the networks."

Additional sessions include:

  • Chris Christensen, IDC's vice present of e-business infrastructure and security software, will deliver a keynote on how to prepare for the future of corporate security now.
  • Walter Wright, an FBI special agent, will address the need for public and private partnerships to protect against cybercrime. Wright will discuss how companies can work with the government including ways to keep information confidential.
  • PKIs seem to be the hot technology but what are their limitations. Pete Lindstrom, a director with the Hurwitz Group, will discuss the "10 rewards of PKI." He will also address authentication alternatives.
  • Good security doesn't necessarily comes from spending money but from understanding business needs and threat risks. Steve Hunt, vice president and research leader at Giga Information Group, will discuss the technology and processes needed to effectively respond to security threats.
  • Choosing the wrong level of intrusion detection protection can be costly. Security expert Jeff Posluns will offer tips on how companies can get the right IDS systems for their businesses.
  • Determining whether a company is secure is not an easy task. Chris Darby, CEO of @Stake will discuss where top security users are putting their money.
  • The increased attention to security paired with tighter budgets has increased the need for security managers to be smarter about their security purchases. Roberta Witty, Gartner Group's Research Director will provide seven tips on developing a security plan on a tight budget.


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