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Quick Takes: 'Chunked' vulnerability in Apache addressed

Quick Takes: 'Chunked' vulnerability in Apache addressed

Stratum8 defends against Apache flaw

Stratum8 Networks recently announced that its Web security software detects and blocks exploits of the widely publicized "chunked encoding" vulnerability in Apache servers. Remote attackers could exploit this vulnerability to deface Web content, conduct a denial-of-service attack, or even compromise sensitive data within the enterprise. Stratum8's Application Protection System (APS) employs a behavioral, real-time, fail-safe security architecture which treats any request that falls outside of its security model as a potential hack, and blocks that request without requiring any specific knowledge of the attack signature.

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SecurityProfiling recently unveiled SysUpdate, a tool that automates the process of identifying network vulnerabilities and patching them with supplemental software code. SysUpdate uses a unique logic module that provides system intelligence. SysUpdate researches, downloads, deploys, installs, validates and documents the installation of necessary patches, proactively protecting the network.

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Entrust announced its support for the latest version of the Web Services Security (WS-Security) specification. The specification will be submitted to the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) for ratification. The spec was written by IBM, VeriSign and Microsoft with support from Entrust and others in the industry.

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SecuGen recently announced a new Solution Provider Program for VARs, ISVs and system integrators who provide solutions and services for enterprise network security. SecuGen is selecting a limited number of highly qualified partners across North America. SecuGen's ISV partners provide VARs and system integrators with enterprise software solutions that support most available LDAP directories including Microsoft's Active Directory, Novell's NDS and others. SecuGen also offers award-winning desktop security software that supports Microsoft networking.

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