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Quick Takes: Major vendors throw support at SAML

Quick Takes: Major vendors throw support at SAML

RSA announces SAML support across product lines

RSA Security announced its support of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) specification across its product lines. SAML 1.0, an XML framework for exchanging authentication, attribute and authorization information, is designed to enable secure single sign-on to applications within organizations, as well as across companies. RSA Security will integrate SAML functionality with RSA ClearTrust Web access management software by the end of the year, and intends to follow with support across other solutions.

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EPeople on board with SAML

Web-based collaborative CRM vendor ePeople announced support for the SAML 1.0 specification. The Security Assertion Markup Language specification is a standard for exchanging authentication and authorization information among disparate Web access management and security products. EPeople's latest release, Single Sign-On (SSO) Adaptor for ePeople Teamwork 4.0, supports the spec. Teamwork 4.0 is a Web-based application for team-based customer support. Through SAML, customers will be able to move between their customer facing applications and ePeople Teamwork, without having to log-on multiple times, as well as centralize their user account management.

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Red Siren joins forces with government security provider

On the heels of Red Siren's purchase of Veridian Corp.'s Veritect managed security services unit last month, the two companies announced an extension to their services. The companies will jointly market their services to federal government agencies through the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule, including lead sharing and joint participation at trade shows; designate RedSiren as a Veridian preferred subcontractor for remote managed information and network security services; and discuss and develop a plan to share information about proprietary, next-generation secure technologies being developed by both companies.

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ISS to integrate St. Bernard product in future releases

St. Bernard Software and Internet Security Systems (ISS) announced that ISS will integrate St. Bernard's UpdateExpert software patch management and remediation technology in future ISS intrusion protection releases. UpdateExpert supports Windows NT4/2000/XP and many mission critical applications. Network administrators can query their networked servers and workstations and identify what software updates are needed. It also remotely installs, validates and defines policies about these updates empowering administrators to control the software updating process across their entire network.

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WatchGuard supports MSS 6.0 firewall and VPN

WatchGuard Technologies announced WatchGuard for MSS 6.0, a free software upgrade for its managed security partners. MSS 6.0 is a complete firewall and VPN that supports WatchGuard's Firebox II and Firebox III product lines. MSS 6.0 upgrades VPN performance with enhanced stability and scalability of IPSec tunnels. Extended authentication features support Windows NT and RADIUS authentication of SafeNet mobile user IPSec clients.

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Sigaba secures e-mail for wireless LANs

Sigaba has launched Sigaba Secure Email for Wireless LANs that enables organizations to protect sensitive information sent away from a wired local network. Sigaba provides authentication and security all the way to the recipient -- not just to the wireless card. Sigaba Secure Email for Wireless LANs provides auditing and message control that allows administrators to confirm receipt of secure email, take action on non-receipt, and retain full control over the message until it is read.

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SonicWall announces Tele3 SP

SonicWALL recently announced TELE3 SP (Smart Path), a firewall/VPN appliance with integrated and automated fail-over and fail-back technology that can support both broadband and dial-up connections. Such functionality allows the appliance to maintain the "Smartest Path" back to network headquarters. It ensures constant uptime for Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels by automatically failing over to an integrated analog modem. The SonicWALL TELE3 SP is available now for $645 through SonicWALL distribution channels

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ZixIt updates encryption software

ZixIt recently unveiled new versions of its network and desktop e-mail encryption software. The updated versions enable companies to more easily deploy and manage secure Internet communications and enjoy increased flexibility and interoperability. ZixVPM v1.3, ZixIt's newest network product, and ZixMail v1.7, the company's latest e-mail product, build upon ZixIt's intelligent delivery process. Best Method of Delivery automatically determines the most efficient and secure way to deliver an email message based on the recipient's policies and environment.

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