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Quick Takes: Checking in with a 'clientless' VPN

Quick Takes: Checking in with a 'clientless' VPN

Check Point updates with 'clientless' VPN and new routing feature

Check Point is releasing enhancements to its suite of virtual private network (VPN) products, including a new "clientless" VPN product and a VPN routing feature.

The new "clientless" VPN product allows companies to offer secure access to users who may not want to install a full VPN client, said Leslie Stern, a senior product marketing manager with Check Point. The VPN host supports SSL connections so customers or partners of a company (or any user) could access information via a Web browser, Stern said.

Check Point is also offering a feature called VPN routing that allows companies to set up complex network topologies featuring a series of hub and spokes. Companies that still use frame relay can switch to VPNs and mirror their old topology, with the hub acting as a go-between for the spokes, which could be branch offices or even remote users. The hubs can shoulder essential services such as antivirus scanning, Stern said.

Additionally, Check Point is offering more security monitoring capabilities to its VPN client, that ensure a connecting computer is secure. Companies can input their requirements or use those preset by Check Point. For example, a company may want to make sure all connecting systems have updated antivirus definitions and that instant messaging is turned off.

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Sigaba secures BlackBerry messaging

Sigaba Corp. recently unveiled Sigaba Secure Messaging for BlackBerry. This product, based on Sigaba's core technology, enables organizations to extend and enhance their security beyond the wired LAN and the wireless radio network to the Internet. This protection ensures the security of information sent to and from BlackBerry devices and desktops. Sigaba provides authentication, security and auditing from sending to receiving organizations, and from sender all the way to the recipient.

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InfoExpress VPN software deployed to eLoyalty employees

InfoExpress recently announced that customer relationship management (CRM) provider eLoyalty has deployed its VTCP/Secure remote VPN software to its worldwide employee base. The VPN software enables eLoyalty's consultants who work from customer's networks to tunnel to their corporate network. The VPN client software is customizable and can connect over dial-up, broadband, SSL and other protocols. The complete installer package is less than 1 MB.

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Panda AV product scans ISA Server

Panda Software has released the beta version of Panda PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition. The antivirus product is specifically designed for ISA Server, a popular product for controlling access to Internet services. With a range of filters, including an ISAPI filter, Panda PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition scans all traffic passing through the Microsoft ISA server. It also scans all SMTP, FTP and HTTP (including Applets, ActiveX controls and scripts) traffic and detects and eliminates all malicious code in compressed files and embedded OLE objects. Panda PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition is compatible with both standard and enterprise versions of Microsoft's ISA Server.

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Protegrity encrypts database information on AIX and Windows 2000

Protegrity has announced the introduction of Secure.Data for Oracle9i Database on IBM AIX and Microsoft Windows Server 2000. The product is an "out-of-the-box" automated database encryption solution with protected key-management software for selectively encrypting and securing enterprise relational database information at the data-item level. Secure.Data's core functionality is designed to run within an Oracle environment and provides organizations with a readily deployable comprehensive encryption key-management solution.

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