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Quick Takes: Sanctum extends AppScan to application quality assurance testers

Quick Takes: Sanctum extends AppScan to application quality assurance testers

Sanctum adds Site Smart technology to new AppScan release

Sanctum, Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif. recently announced the availability of AppScan 3.5, a Web security testing tool now optimized for the enterprise application testing environment. With the introduction of AppScan 3.5, Sanctum extends its Web security vulnerability assessment solution that has been part of the auditor's toolkit for years to the application quality assurance testers. AppScan 3.5's "Site Smart" technology learns the unique behavior of each Web application, and builds a customized vulnerability assessment scan to drive testing throughout the application lifecycle. Addressing the widest range of Web application vulnerabilities, AppScan 3.5 tests both customer and third party applications for application specific vulnerabilities, common Web vulnerabilities and .NET framework vulnerabilities.

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NASA recognizes Check Point

Tel Aviv-based Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. recently announced that NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center has presented a special commendation to the company for outstanding support in implementing Check Point solutions -- deemed mission-critical for secure, reliable communication between the Space Station and numerous sites on Earth. NASA was challenged with maintaining reliable VPN performance and connectivity between the Space Station and multiple sites on Earth while utilizing a proprietary, demand-intensive voice over IP (VoIP) application. NASA's VoIP application enables 200 simultaneous users to participate in a VPN session, each running eight active audio conferences.

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Qualys announces Intranet Scanner

Qualys, Inc. of Redwood Shores, Calif., a provider of security audits and network mapping inside the corporate firewall, announced its new Intranet Scanner appliance this week. The Intranet Scanner is a network appliance that enables companies to scan internal hosts, servers and devices and alert network managers to vulnerabilities and internal threats. The Intranet Scanner functions as an extended and integrated part of the QualysGuard Managed Vulnerability Assessment infrastructure. Combining Qualys' automated Web platform, with its proprietary Inference-Based Scanning Engine, QualysGuard enables enterprises to more accurately identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, eliminate false positives and quickly remedy security weaknesses, on both sides of the firewall. The service simplifies the management of vulnerabilities by helping network administrators focus on the most important vulnerabilities that affect their networks.

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Crossbeam secures corporate, service provider networks

Concord, Mass.-based Crossbeam Systems Inc. recently announced the newest version of the Crossbeam X40S, a single-box solution for securing corporate and service provider networks. The X40S is a high-performance open security appliance that integrates third party, best-of-breed security applications with patent-pending load balancing technologies to provide a comprehensive, "five-nines" solution for safer, simpler networks. The X40S can be deployed for perimeter network security that was previously impossible, as well as core network implementations. New accelerator cards now allow the X40S to process up to 3Gbps of traffic on Check Point's VPN-1, the highest performing box for site-to-site and telecommuter access. This latest version of the X40S will ship in mid-October.

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Lumeta announces customer wins

Lumeta Corp. of Somerset, N.J. recently announced that 10 organizations have recently selected the Lumeta Discovery Suite (LDS) and another six have chosen its Lumeta Firewall Analyzer (LFA). The new customers include market leaders in finance, utilities and manu-facturing, as well as several federal government agencies. Lumeta's Discovery Suite (LDS) captures corporate network data at the Internet Protocol (IP) layer, forming the foundation for a suite of application modules. The suite's current modules, Network Discovery and Leak Discovery, ensure the most comprehensive depiction possible of network assets, connections and potential risks. Lumeta's Firewall Analyzer's patent-pending algorithms make it possible for it to check every possible combination of source and destination IP addresses, port numbers and protocols, delivering an assessment of the network's vulnerability from both the outside in and the inside out based on a thorough examination of the firewall's rule set.

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