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Quick Takes: Check Point secures Sun VPN appliance

Sun Microsystems and Check Point announced this week a new Sun VPN/firewall Linux-based appliance secured by Check Point's SecurePlatform, leading off this edition of Quick Takes.

Sun VPN, firewall appliance secured by Check Point

Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. announced this week the availability of the new...

Sun LX50 VPN/Firewall appliance secured by Check Point. Delivered and supported by Sun and Check Point channel partners, this Linux-based appliance allows enterprises to protect the privacy of business communications over the Internet and secure critical network resources against unauthorized access. This integrated offering from Sun and Check Point is an extension of an expanded sales, marketing and engineering initiative between the two companies to deliver end-to-end VPN/firewall solutions to enterprises of all sizes worldwide. The offering consists of Sun's new x86 entry-level LX50 server and Check Point's SecurePlatform that integrates market-leading VPN-1/FireWall-1 Next Generation software with a hardened OS.

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NetContinuum flagship appliiance secures Web resources

NetContinuum, Inc. recently announced its flagship NC-1000 Web Security Gateway product line. The NC-1000 appliance provides protection from Web-based threats and reduces the time and cost of securing Web applications. The NC-1000 combines all critical Web security functionality into a single gateway to secure Web resources with no impact to existing network infrastructure, the company said. Deployed behind the corporate firewall, the NetContinuum NC-1000 terminates and proxies all TCP sessions. This security architecture enables instant SSL encryption, intrusion prevention at all layers, tamper-proof logging of all Web transactions and application-layer virtual private network (VPN) access to Web resources -- all at full wire speed. The NetContinuum gateway also enables "full Web site cloaking" that makes sites invisible to hackers scanning for vulnerabilities. Pricing begins at $28,000.

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Mazu network appliance offers holistic view

Cambridge, Mass.-based Mazu Networks, Inc. recently announced the availability of PowerSecure, which is designed to help private and public sector enterprises ensure business continuity and productivity through advanced network intelligence. Based on proprietary technology developed by Mazu's founders at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, PowerSecure solutions provide a "pervasive" or holistic view of the enterprise network, presenting it as one continuum from inner through outer perimeter. The key enabling technology in PowerSecure solutions is MCube, Mazu's patent-pending software for generating advanced network traffic intelligence. Mcube uses advanced algorithms and statistical models to understand and represent the characteristics and patterns of network traffic in extremely high-volume network environments.

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CipherTrust develops e-mail security service team

CipherTrust of Atlanta this week announced the establishment of FirstAct, the company's in-house team of e-mail threat and spam specialists. Through expert analysis, FirstAct will develop rules, signatures and policies to enable IronMail administrators to respond to threats and combat spam in real time. FirstAct will leverage CipherTrust's installed base and collaborate on research and technology with leading e-mail organizations, distributed networks and industry experts to provide continuous, industry-leading threat prevention information for CipherTrust customers.

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Bridgewater Systems supports 802.11

Kanata, Ont.-based Bridgewater Systems this week announced that it has extended its product suite to provide 802.11 authentication, authorization and accounting, revenue collection and formatting capabilities for carriers offering wireless LAN services. These capabilities support a variety of business models-the carrier may deploy its own 802.11 hotspots, may enter into formal agreements with 802.11 facility providers or aggregators, or may offer clearing services for 802.11 access.

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Trend Micro announces upgrade to PC-cillin

Tokyo-based Trend Micro, Inc. this week announced PC-cillin 2003, the newest version of its award-winning consumer and small office security suite. The release marks a new push by Trend Micro into the North American consumer and small office antivirus market. PC-cillin 2003 combines advanced virus detection and cleaning with an integrated personal firewall. PC-cillin 2003 leverages the same antivirus technology as Trend Micro's enterprise-class products, while keeping it easy and affordable for the home user. In addition to our dependable pattern based technology, Trend Micro's patented heuristic scanning technology defends users from new, unknown script-based threats based on their actions rather than how they are written.

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