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2003 predictions: Ed Tittel

We asked industry experts to give us their predictions for the New Year. Here's what Ed Tittel had to say.

We asked industry experts to give us their predictions for the New Year. Here's what Ed Tittel had to say.

I like my predictions for 2002 so much, I'm going to spin them a bit and repeat most of them for 2003 as well!...

Indeed, 2002 was a banner year for the growth of the infosec industry: visibility, interest, spending, certification, and activity all took remarkable jumps upward, despite a lagging economy. Look for even more of the same in 2003, as the growth and investment curves steepen their climb into hitherto unexplored heights.

Look for the following trends to continue:

  • Increased business for managed security service providers.

  • Increased development and implementation of security policies, particularly in small- to medium-sized businesses and organizations.

  • More security certifications than you ever dreamed possible. Keep your eyes on CompTIA's Security+ ( and ISACA's CISM ( as key credentials to watch.

  • Increased business and government activity in handling security incidents following the formation of the Department of Homeland Security and several big "infoterrorism" scares.

  • Increased concern about privacy and confidentiality in the security and civil liberties communities.

  • This is likely to be the second of many consecutive boom years for the security trade, with plenty of opportunities for knowledgeable professionals to excel and for interested professionals to get trained and up to speed on a fascinating, ever-changing technology area. I'm still excited, and plan to stay that way!

About Ed Tittel: Ed is the president of LANWrights, Inc. Ed has been working in the computing industry for 20 years and has worked as a software developer, a manager, a writer and a trainer. He's contributed to over 100 computer books, including creating the Exam Cram series for Coriolis and over a dozen "? For Dummies" titles. Ed also teaches on Web and security topics for Interop, Austin Community College and the Internet Security Conference.

Ed is also a very active member in our Ask the Expert community, and he writes and updates our Security Certification Landscape column twice a year, along with other tips and articles related to careers and certification.

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