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Quick Takes: IntruShield evaluation perfect

The NSS Group Ltd. announced that IntruVert Networks' IntruShield 4000 intrusion detection system is the first to nab a perfect score in the group's evaluation, leading off this edition of Quick Takes.

IntruShield gets perfect marks in IDS evaluation

IntruVert Networks of San Jose, Calif was recently recognized by the NSS Group Ltd. of Huntingdon, England as the first to achieve perfect score in extensive testing with its IntruShield 4000. The NSS Group's Gigabit IDS test evaluated each product in a controlled environment that was as close as possible to a real-life network, with a focus on attack recognition under varying load conditions, a range of network packet sizes, changing network traffic and utilization of IDS evasion techniques to determine false positives and missed attacks.

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RSA adds WLAN protection to SecurID

Bedford, Mass.-based RSA Security Inc. last week announced new functionality for its RSA SecurID two-factor authentication that enables enhanced protection in wireless local area network (WLAN) environments. This functionality derives partly from RSA's collaboration with Cambridge, Mass.-based Funk Software. The companies have certified compatibility between Funk Software's WLAN security products and RSA Security's two-factor authentication software.

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Trend Micro ServerProtect recognized by Virus Bulletin

Cupertino, Calif.-based Trend Micro has announced that Trend Micro ServerProtect received the Virus Bulletin 100% award for its virus-detection capabilities. The test extensively examined 21 antivirus products that support the Windows 2000 environment. The Virus Bulletin 100% logo is awarded to products that detect currently circulating or "in-the-wild" viruses during both on-demand and on-access scanning in Virus Bulletin's comparative tests. The product must also produce no false positives.

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Sanctum adds Apache support to AppScan 3.5

Sanctum, Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif. announced last week a new AppScan 3.5 subscription that enables Apache developers and users to identify and fix new vulnerabilities in XML Web services technologies. In related news, Sanctum has teamed up with F5 Networks, Inc. of Seattle, Wash., to announce the general availability of their integrated product that combines Sanctum's Web application firewall AppShield and F5's Application Traffic Management device BIG-IP.

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Stratum8 Networks lends technology to government deal

Stratum8 Networks of Santa Clara, Calif., and Intelligent Decisions of Chantilly, Va., announced last week that they will provide Web application security based on the Stratum8 Application Protection System (APS)-100 to US Government agencies through Intelligent Decisions' SEWP (Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement) III contract. The Stratum8 APS-100 protects Web servers and databases from known and undocumented application level attacks. In related news, Stratum8 has opened Centers of Excellence in Tysons Corner, Va. and Santa Clara, Calif., where enterprises can pilot and test Web application security configurations without impacting their production IT environments. The Centers of Excellence are staffed by technical personnel and equipped with Stratum8 Application Protection System (APS)-100 devices, Web servers and applications, as well as a full array of complementary security and networking equipment.

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Panda releases antivirus, firewall, script blocker for SMBs

Glendale, Calif.-based Panda Software recently announced the launch of Panda Antivirus Platinum 7.0 with Firewall. The product aims to offer small businesses and professionals the same advanced security features available to large corporations, including a firewall and script blocker.

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