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Quick Takes: Strategy addresses each stage of outbreak

Trend Micro announces enhancements to its Enterprise Protection Strategy with new products and services that address each stage of a virus or worm outbreak.

Trend Micro expands its enterprise security offering

Trend Micro, Inc. recently announced the expansion of its Enterprise Protection Strategy, including new products, services and architectural enhancements to assist in the management of malicious code outbreaks across multiple points of an enterprise network. Trend Micro launched EPS in May 2002 in response to mixed threat viruses like Nimda and Code Red. EPS is based on the coordination of any Trend Micro product and services, and the expertise of TrendLabs, to address each stage of what the company has termed the outbreak lifecycle: outbreak prevention, virus response, and assessment and restoration. Trend Micro has expanded its outbreak prevention services to include its products residing at all critical points of the network and include support for Solaris, Linux, and Windows operating environments.

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ISS integrated into Crossbeam, PowerTech products

Atlanta-based Internet Security Systems recently announced partnerships with Crossbeam Systems, Concord, Mass., and the PowerTech Group of Kent, Wash. ISS' partnership with Crossbeam Systems will incorporate ISS intrusion protection software onto Crossbeam's X40S security appliance. ISS will work with PowerTech to provide security for IBM iSeries servers and AS/400s.

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STAT Neutralizer IPS includes new learning mode

Harris Corp. recently released an upgraded version of its STAT Neutralizer intrusion prevention software that now includes comprehensive network protection as well as a new learning mode that automatically teaches itself to prevent previously unknown malicious behaviors. These upgrades enable STAT Neutralizer Version 2.00 to protect users from all of the Windows vulnerabilities listed in the latest SANS/FBI Top 20 vulnerabilities list.

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Kavado addresses top Web application vulnerabilities

Kavado, Inc. recently announced that it prevents all threats listed in The 10 Most Critical Web Application Security Vulnerabilities, a report released earlier this week by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). This announcement supports KaVaDo's unique approach to Web application security, which is designed to protect against every category of application layer threat without requiring individual attack signatures.

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