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Quick Takes: CA releases new version of eTrust Antivirus

Computer Associates has updated its eTrust Antivirus software with new scanning engines, Web-based and remote management capabilities, leading off this edition of Quick Takes.

CA updates eTrust Antivirus with dual-scanning engine, management, remote upgrades

Computer Associates made available Monday an update to its eTrust Antivirus for enterprises. Version 7 includes a dual-scanning engine, Web-based management capabilities and a new Roam About feature that simplifies remote signature and configuration distribution.

ETrust Antivirus' dual-scanning engines feature behavior- and signature-based defenses. According to CA's eTrust security strategist Ian Hameroff, the dual-scanning engines eliminate the need for companies to employ antivirus protection from different vendors as a safeguard against rapid virus and worm outbreaks. The two engines are not identical copies, Hameroff said. They use separate techniques to detect know and unknown attack methods. ETrust Antivirus protects enterprises from the perimeter all the way to mobile devices [Pocket PC and Palm OS] used by employees on the road.

The Roam About feature also addresses mobile employees. Remote workers connecting to their networks via the Internet or a virtual private network will be pointed to the nearest Web server to their location in order to rapidly receive virus signature updates or policy configuration updates, rather than strictly to the home network server.

ETrust Antivirus v7 is available for $35 per license and also offers free 24x7 technical support free for one year. CA is also offering companies an upgrade package that includes a free copy of v7, plus two years of support for the cost of one year.

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Trend Micro tackles spam

Antivirus software vendor Trend Micro has expanded its offerings in the spam filtering game in a big way. The Tokyo-based company has released Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service, which uses heuristics-based spam filtering technology from Postini, Inc. The service leverages gateway scanning software to block non-productive and malicious spam before it enters the network. Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service is the latest service offering to be added to Trend Micro's Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS), an approach that addresses mixed-threat attacks by delivering threat-specific prevention, detection and repair instructions in real-time to multiple Trend Micro products. The integration of this service into EPS will enable IT security administrators to centrally manage this service along with other Trend Micro products and services, deploy security policies from a central location throughout an enterprise network, and benefit from consolidated reporting on policy actions as well as spam, virus, or other malicious code events.

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Shavlik updates patch management product

Shavlik Technologies, LLC. recently announced the next generation of its flagship patch management solution. Shavlik's new HFNetChkPro 4.0, which begins shipping March 11, has new automation features that eliminate the drudgery of manual patch updates. HFNetChkPro 4.0 is an automated, real-time patch management solution that helps network administrators and security professionals eliminate security vulnerabilities associated with unpatched computers. The product is built upon the same industry-standard technology Shavlik licenses to Microsoft in its popular HFNetChk, which has more than 1 million downloads worldwide. HFNetChk is the scanning engine that drives the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) product and Microsoft's Systems Management Server (SMS) SUS Feature Pack. Shavlik developed both HFNetChk and MBSA for Microsoft.

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GFI halts spam at the gateway

GFI today launched GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP 8, a major upgrade to its GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP 7. GFI MailEssentials is a server-based anti-spam solution that installs at the gateway. System administrators no longer need to deploy anti-spam products on each of the network's individual workstations, nor conduct time-consuming maintenance of individual updates each time anti-spam rules need changing. Another advantage that a server-based product like GFI MailEssentials 8 has over client-based applications is that it can protect the mail server's message stores from clogging up with spam, the company said.

In other GFI news, the company announced freeware server-based disclaimer module, which enables administrators to automatically add text to each outbound email, such as a legal disclaimer or commercial information - a feature that is not present in the "out of the box" Microsoft Exchange Server. By offering this as freeware, GFI is providing organizations with an easy way to defend themselves against the legal liability arising from an employee's inappropriate use of a corporate email address.

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St. Bernard enhances iPrism product

St. Bernard Software announced last week a new version of its iPrism product, an Internet filtering appliance designed for high performance and reliability. The product monitors, blocks and reports on employee Internet activity. IPrism v3.3 includes new features like auto-login, new reporting capabilities and simplified installation. IPrism v3.3 also is able to enforce policies by day, time, user group, IP address or Web site category. It also supports NTLM and LDAP users and groups. The product is available and is sold as a network appliance along with support and subscription services.

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