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Quick Takes: Vulnerability remediation goes automatic

Citadel Security Software announced Hercules 2.0, an automated tool that enables administrators to resolve vulnerabilities in an enterprise network.

Hercules contends with vulnerabilities

Citadel Security Software Inc. recently announced Hercules 2.0, an automated vulnerability remediation tool that enables users to resolve all classes of vulnerabilities within an enterprise network. With a large library of remediation signatures across Windows, Sun Solaris, and Linux, Hercules 2.0 combines automation with remediation best practices to ensure up-to-the-minute protection. Hercules' scaleable architecture allows enterprise users to maximize current security investments and IT resources.

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Omnisight complement to security management

Addamark Technologies announced the availability of Omnisight, an information security solution that enables enterprises to discover and contain previously undetectable attacks that bypass conventional perimeter approaches, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Omnisight complements traditional security event management solutions and stores and correlates event data from any enterprise system in a centralized product.

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Sana addresses application security

Sana Security, Inc., a new vendor of application security software, today announced the general availability of Primary Response 1.0, software that protects standard and customized enterprise server applications from attacks, across a range of major industry platforms. Sana Security's first product release, provides widespread enterprise application protection by building a profile of the application's normal behavior, then continually monitoring system calls in application code paths for deviations from that normal profile.

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NAI granted 60th patent

Network Associates, Inc. this week announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company its 60th U.S. Patent. The patent is for a technology that improves the field of Internet searching by leveraging multiple search engines in order to provide more comprehensive results when browsing the Internet.

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Security product for Exchange 2000

Symmetricom's Trusted Time Division recently announced Trusted Time ExchangeProof for Microsoft Exchange 2000 users. Due to the rapidly increasing migration of companies moving to Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Symmetricom has added this support to its ExchangeProof/StampServer product that creates a digital signature "fingerprint" for all e-mail flowing through an Outlook/Exchange e-mail server without any user action.

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