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Quick Takes: Antivirus upgrade for Exchange, Notes/Domino messaging

Sophos announced an upgrade to its MailMonitor software for Exchange 2000 and Lotus Notes/Domino servers, leading off this edition of Quick Takes.

Sophos updates MailMonitor for Exchange, Notes/Domino

Sophos recently announced new versions of its MailMonitor products for Microsoft Exchange 2000 and Lotus Notes/Domino servers. These two upgrades add to the virus protection, message handling and integration features of the software. Sophos MailMonitor for Exchange 2000 v1.5 scans for viruses in all incoming e-mail messages, enabling network administrators to either disinfect, delete or quarantine infected messages. MailMonitor for Exchange 2000's new features include support for the Microsoft virus-scanning Application Programming Interface 2.0, allowing full scanning of the Exchange information store in both active and background scan modes.

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Symark manages passwords on Unix networks

Symark announced PowerPassword 2.8, which provides central management of password and log-in policies across heterogeneous Unix networks. PowerPassword improves Unix password security while reducing administrative and support costs by providing a de facto single sign-on solution for enterprise Unix deployments. PowerPassword augments traditional Unix security by providing stronger passwords, aging and history, reset and synchronization and comprehensive logging. Version 2.8 of PowerPassword also offers broad platform support available for UNIX password management and synchronization.

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Pedestal software deploys, manages security policies

Pedestal Software Inc., an enterprise system security management vendor, announced the availability of SecurityExpressions 3.0, software for deploying and managing enterprise system security policies. With SecurityExpressions 3.0, enterprises have an automated, agent-less solution to audit, deploy and enforce security policies across all servers, workstations and desktops. SecurityExpressions 3.0 reduces the cost and time to implement and manage system security policies that control items such as password rules, user permissions and registry settings for corporate and regulatory compliance.

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Nortel combines its voice, security technologies

Nortel Networks announced a combination of the company's leading voice and security technologies to create the means for enterprise customers to protect their entire communications infrastructure. Secure Telephony is designed to provide leading security measures that cross functional boundaries regardless of whether customers rely on traditional circuit-switched telephony, are at any stage of the migration to implement IP (Internet Protocol) telephony, are implementing wireless IP telephony, or are using a pure IP telephony solution.

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StealWatch upgrade includes new policy management, enforcement features

Lancope, Inc. announced StealthWatch v3.0, a behavior-based intrusion detection system (IDS). StealthWatch enables users to identify, prioritize and respond to malicious network and host behavior by dynamically detecting deviations from normal traffic patterns and acceptable security policies. The latest version provides enhanced network and host level security through improved policy management and enforcement as well as insightful visualization of network intelligence.

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